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Plus, a look at next season’s episodes of Yellowstone!

If there’s one thing we like about Mondays, it’s that we have an opportunity to look back on all the soap news of the week before. Not only do we get to share stories you may have missed, but it also allows us to offer up hints about what’s to come this week on Days of Our LivesThe Bold and the BeautifulGeneral Hospital and The Young and the Restless. Plus, because we’re all about keeping you informed, we’ve also got the latest buzz on some of your favorite primetime shows. There’s a lot to get to, so you best dive in quick!

The Bold and the Beautiful

quinn happy with carter bb

Quinn just barely managed to keep Carter from marrying Paris. But the real challenge might be yet to come… and one the newly-reunited couple doesn’t even see coming. But there’s one way they can avoid a fate worse than soap opera death.

• Ridge seems to have decided between Brooke and Taylor… but might the threat that Sheila continues to pose create a situation which turns everything upside down?
• We’re thrilled to have Ted King’s Jack back on the scene, but Sheila might not feel exactly the same… and here’s why.
• Darin Brooks figured out a rather, er, cheeky way to promote a new project.
• Wonder how this much-missed vet’s return will impact Donna and Eric’s new romance?
• Jacqueline MacInnes Wood gave us a glimpse into a typical Sunday in her home, and all we can say is… can we come hang out?

In reviewing last week’s action, Richard admits that the crazier Sheila gets, the happier he is. Meanwhile, he questions several rushed plot points and wonders if the show just set in motion a showdown that only one of two people can survive!

What Went Down Last Week: Before the dust could settle at Il Giardino, following Carter and Quinn’s reunion, the mother of his former bride-to-be slapped him across the face for breaking Paris’ heart. After assuring Paris there was a man out there for her, Carter and Quinn rushed to his loft and made love. However, the storyline that dominated began when Finn flatlined and Sheila frantically shocked him — again and again — back to life. Finn learned he’d been shot and was stunned to learn Sheila had been taking care of him rather than taking him to a hospital. When Finn’s memories came rushing back, including that Sheila was the one who shot him, she admitted it then confessed that everyone thought he was dead. Finn secretly vowed to get back to Steffy and Hayes. Jack visited Taylor, looking for answers about Li and Finn. Ridge finally made a decision and moved home with Brooke — and broke Taylor’s heart with the news. While Taylor went to see Deacon for answers about Sheila’s whereabouts, many gathered at Brooke’s to celebrate Eric and Donna, who was invited to return to Forrester.

Days of Our Lives

Ben and Marlena discuss Ciara's hypnosis on Days of Our Lives

Last week saw Ben and Ciara — one of the most popular couples in this show’s recent history — setting sail. And while this was Victoria Konefal’s exit — at least for now — we’re told Robert Scott Wilson will soon return… just not as Ben. Who might he be playing? We’re pretty sure we’ve figured it out. Plus, check out our exclusive video chat with Wilson, in which he discusses all things Ben, including whether or not his dark side might return one day.

• Our favorite sexy, sad dude — aka JJ Deveraux — is about to leave Salem again. But here’s why we think he needs to stick around
• Ding, dong, the witch is dead… or, given that this is Salem, is she? When it comes to Jan, we’re not so sure!
• Will the new cop in town manage to help Rafe catch at least a few of the bad guys who call Salem home?
• A whole lot of crazy things have gone down in Salem over the years. But how many of them do you actually remember? Check out our guide to the wildest plots!

As Ben and Ciara became the latest to exit Salem, Lori says that there’s a definite upside to all of the farewells fans have had to say of late. She is, however, left with a big question: Who are we supposed to be rooting for?

What Went Down Last Week:  Salem gathered to mourn Abigail in an offscreen funeral. Lucas panicked when Will suggested Abigail’s killer could have been triggered by her digging into Sami’s kidnapping. After recognizing the bracelet on Nancy’s wrist as Abigail’s stolen jewelry, Rafe arrested Clyde, who stepped forward to claim he gave it to his girlfriend. His arrest led a guilty-feeling EJ to confess to Chad that Clyde shot him years ago and threatened to harm his family should he tell anyone. After Evan threatened to expose her to Shawn, Jan tried to steal Ciara and Ben’s boat to whisk herself, Shawn, and Shawn Christian away. However, Belle found them and clobbered her nemesis with an oar that sent her to the water. Jan’s body wasn’t recovered. In the aftermath, despite feeling a pull toward Shawn, Belle still wasn’t ready to reunite with him and be a mother to Jan’s baby. And, after christening their baby and saying good-bye to their loved ones, Ben, Ciara and Bo left Salem on their boat, Living in Cin.

General Hospital

A flashback to her time on Guiding Light reminded Laura Wright — whom you’ll recall played stripper-turned-princess Cassie —of something she absolutely loved at the time. Might Carly be getting a new look as a result?

• Another member of the extended Corinthos clan got recast… and no, we’re not talking about Robert Adamson stepping in for Michael. In this case, the shoes being filled were much, much smaller!
• Spencer/Trina fans don’t just love the characters, they feel the same way about the actors. Don’t believe us? Look at the awesome gift they sent Tatiana Ali!
• Former General Hospital hunk Ryan Paevey shared his nightmarish tale of a trip gone wrong, and it’s one a lot of us can relate to.
• Michael E. Knight opens up about the time he thought he’d gotten his big break, only to find out that he couldn’t have been more mistaken.

Dustin was thrilled to see that at long last, Victor stopped twirling his non-existent mustache and actually started doing something wicked. Elsewhere in this week’s column, he gives the show props for picking up the pace on the Liz story and admit that Sasha’s breakdown ripped his heart out.

What Went Down Last Week: It was revealed that Victor was keeping Charlotte hostage in a boarding school in order to force Valentin to do his bidding, which included slipping a drug into Laura’s drink. However, Valentin couldn’t go through with it and knocked the spiked drink out of Laura’s hand at the last minute. Sasha broke down on live TV while holding a baby doll she believed to be her son, Liam. Brando learned that Sasha had been using pills again and agreed to commit her on a 72-hour hold. Against Kevin’s advice, Liz checked herself out of Shady Brook, but not before the doctor realized her parents abandonment  was a major trigger for the nurse. Carly turned down Sonny’s offer to help her buy back The Metro Court, Chase agreed to Brook Lynn’s plan to make him a pop star, and Cody and Britt matched on the Society Setups app.

The Young and the Restless


It ain’t easy making a romance work in Genoa City… which may be why so many fail! But the locals refuse to give up, trying again and again to find their perfect match. How are they doing these days? We’ve rounded them up in order to offer our take on their love lives. Which couples are flying high, and which are about to crash and burn… or in some cases, already have? Check out our special photo gallery to find out!

• Just because something’s become a tradition doesn’t mean it’s one worth continuing. So says Eric Braeden about one particularly gluttonous food-based competition he thinks should be abolished.
• Michelle Stafford (Phyllis) paid a lovely tribute to a co-worker who was more like family, and who’ll always be in her heart.
• The writers seem determined to revisit a storyline that nobody particularly enjoyed the first time around. Can we perhaps change their minds?
• When we questioned a plot-point involving Elena, portrayer Brytni Sarpy had no problem setting us straight!

As things unfolded in Genoa City this week, Candace started to suspect that a new scheme team is about to form… and she’s all in! Plus, she speculates as to whether Chelsea is about to set her sights on yet another guy who’s already taken, and what that might mean for his current lady!

What Went Down Last Week: Elena took time to reassure Tessa about her vocal cord ailment, while Imani pulled one over on Nate in a bid to get alone time with him. Chelsea and Chloe cut ties, with Chelsea being drawn toward Billy and his podcast and Chloe mulling an offer from Sally to be her COO. Complicating things at Newman Media, however, was the return of Victoria, who filled her family in on duping Ashland and asked Nick to come back to Newman Enterprises. This left Adam’s nose out of joint, and he realized he and Ashland had the desire for revenge in common. Finally, Diane and Phyllis’ unlikely peace treaty quickly collapsed when the brunette pushed Red’s buttons regarding Jack.

In Other News

yellowstone beth button best lines season 4 pictures highlights

• When Yellowstone kicks off Season 5 this November, someone Beth thought she’d dealt with will be back… and more determined than ever to “turn up the heat.”
• In other Yellowstone news, a former baddie suggests that rumors of his character’s death might be greatly exaggerated!
• On the anniversary of Passions’ debut, we look back at the wild, wicked and occasionally downright scandalous plots which made it one of the most unique soaps ever to hit daytime.

What’s Coming Up

Now that you’re about as well-informed as you could possibly get on where things stand, it’s time to get you ready for what’s going to happen this week on your favorite soaps. But be warned: As the pirate said, “There be spoilers ahead!”

• Adam already has a strong partner by his side in Sally, but the Young & Restless hunk is always looking for someone new to scheme with. And he may have found the perfect person in… well, check out the preview to find out who!
• Just when you think that things can’t get much worse for Finn — who is being held hostage by a psycho who happens to be his mom — they manage to find a way. Unfortunately, what happens next could kinda sorta be Finn’s own fault.
• Wedding bells are ringing this week on Days of Our Lives. But given that Sami and Lucas are the ones trying to tie the knot, there’s a good chance something will go wrong. In fact, check out this week’s preview and you’ll find out exactly what!

Before checking out chapter two of the Days of Our Lives spinoff Beyond Salem, flip through these pics giving you a preview of all the action… including John Black as you’ve definitely never seen him before