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“I watch for the love story!” 

We won’t lie: With several months still standing between us and the November 13 return of Yellowstone, we’re hungry for details about the currently-filming new season. And now that the actors have been sinking their teeth into thenew episodes, several have let slip details that have us excited to see exactly what the horse opera has in store!

“We’re turning up the heat,” Piper Perabo told Entertainment Weekly of the romance between her alter ego, Summer, and Kevin Costner’s Dutton family patriarch, John. “I know a lot of people watch [Yellowstone] for the ranch and the cowboys, but I watch it for the love story!”

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Sure, John’s fiery daughter, Beth, has done everything in her power to derail her daddy’s romance with the crusading environmentalist, but that might not prove so easy. After Beth kinda-sorta arranged for Summer to spend significant time behind bars, John tried using his not-insignificant influence to reduce his would-be girlfriend’s sentence. Although that attempt failed, with him now running for governor — with the full support of the current position holder, who happens to be another of his paramours — John should soon find himself in an even more powerful position.

“It’s been a hard couple of years,” Perabo said. “Let’s turn up the heat for a minute!”

The big question is whether Summer recognizes who she’s up against in Beth. “She’s a married woman now,” portrayer Kelly Reilly told GoldDerby. “But I think that the No. 1 central relationship in her life is with her father. There’s so much history there. And I think all Beth wants to do is make him happy. It’s not about seeking approval, but I think she wants to do anything that will benefit him.”

And in her mind, that means pushing Summer out of the picture!

Summer might want to check out the below gallery of Beth’s most cutting remarks and enemy-crushing moments before pushing her too hard!