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Plus, previews of what’s coming next! 

We get it. You’re busy. Every now and then, some of the latest breaking news is going to slip under the radar. But that’s why we’re here — it’s literally our job to catch you up on the latest happenings in the daytime world! Whether you love The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital or The Young and the Restless — or all of the above — this is your one-stop shop to find out what’s going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Steffy, Finn, Sheila collage B&B

Now that Sheila’s in on the big Finn secret, we can’t help but wonder if the psychotic mom, of all people, might be the one to bring about Steffy’s reunion with her not-so-dead husband! (Let’s just hope she doesn’t shoot them again.)

In this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard wonders if maybe Steffy and Finn will wind up being reunited with an assist from the last person on earth you might expect. Plus, why something he normally complains about was a-okay this week. (Hey, why should the characters be the only ones who get to be hypocritical, right?)

What Went Down Last Week: Deputy Chief Baker broke the news that Sheila had escaped from prison and tried to contact Li. Sheila was already on Li’s doorstep and was stunned to discover that Finn was alive! Sheila knocked Li around a bit before realizing she needed the woman’s help to save their son. Hope got an eyeful and a half when she happened upon Eric and Donna indulging in a pillow fight in their bungalow at the club and confronted them, urging Eric to make a decision about his marriage. Meanwhile, Quinn shared a close moment with Carter.

Days of Our Lives

Days' Marci Miller Abigail in new film F.E.A.R.

This past week, we came to grips with not just one but two exits on Days of Our Lives. And as we did, we learned from Marci Miller why it was time to say goodbye to Abigail and pondered all the mistakes the show made with Lucas Adams’ farewell to Tripp!

Short week or not, Curtis admits in this week’s column that Days of Our Lives had him on the verge of tears practically every day with their farewell to Abigail. And as the murder mystery got under way, he has his own theories as to whodunit!

What Went Down Last Week: Abby died from her stab wounds, setting off a whodunit. An inconsolable Chad lashed out at Kate and accused Lucas, who discovered a mysterious gash on his hand after a blackout bender. Leo and Gwen suspected each other, with Leo later revealing he had a bag full of cash and jewelry. Upon hearing about her frenemy’s murder, Gabi came to Chad vowing to help him seek vengeance. Jack and Jennifer returned to mourn their daughter, and Tripp left town to visit siblings Stephanie and Joey in Seattle.

General Hospital

Ever since Elizabeth left to seek help, rumors have circulated that General Hospital‘s Rebecca Herbst had been fired… or worse. That’s why the actress decided she needed to speak up and set the record straight!

From kids at camp to stolen songs, Dustin had a hard time keeping track of the grab-bag of storylines in this week’s General Hospital column. Plus, he can’t help but feel that as Esme’s plot moves forward, Nikolas just keeps getting dumber. But at least we got a break from Marcus and Willow after last week’s big rant about them!

What Went Down Last Week: Nikolas convinced Ava that in order for them to truly start over, they should divorce and remarry. Meanwhile, Esme assured Ryan she had a plan to destroy Ava, Nikolas and Spencer. Joss and Trina infiltrated a sketchy bar and learned Esme purchased a burner phone there. Finn took Violet and Liz’s boys camping in the woods of Pautuck, while Maxie and Austin served as chaperones for the PC Pioneers. Later, Austin met with a mysterious person who was spying on him and Maxie from the woods. Finally, after Linc insulted Brook Lynn, Chase punched him, and Rory was forced to arrest the detective.

The Young and the Restless


In a exclusive, Christel Khalil admitted that while Lily’s moved on from Cane to Billy, that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten all about her ex. Plus, the actress gave us a little sneak-peek of her new movie, We Need to Talk.

After those fabulous flashbacks, Candace finds herself asking if we can keep Jill in this week’s Young & Restless column. Maybe we could make some room by ditching things like the drama-free launch party. Hopefully, though, we’ll have something to look forward to when Victoria goes after Newman Enterprises!

What Went Down This Week: Jill returned to Genoa City to attend the big party celebrating the launch of Chancellor-Winters. At the party, Nate went off-script during his speech, ticking off Devon by revealing things he wasn’t ready for the public to know. Nikki was annoyed when Diane crashed the party. Victor told Adam he was being promoted to CEO of Newman Enterprises. Adam, in turn, made Sally CEO of Newman Media. Victor told Nikki he had a plan which would destroy Ashland once and for all. Jill suspected that Diane was hoping to hook Jack again. Summer suggested Kyle become CEO of Marchetti, and they both feared their moms were on a collision course.

In Other News

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What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • Bold & Beautiful‘s Paris and Carter should say their “I dos” as fast as they can, because in this week’s preview, Quinn finds a reason why this wedding should stop before it even gets started!
  • If Young & Restless‘ weekly preview is any indication, Phyllis is back with a vengeance! As Summer and Kyle worry about their moms tearing each other apart, the redhead gets busy formulating her plan of attack!

Which twosomes are coming together, and which are falling apart? Our photo gallery dedicated to General Hospital‘s couples answers those questions and more!