Summer preview mashup

Sunblock not included!

No need to ask, because yes, it is getting hot in here! Summer may technically have begun on Memorial Day weekend, but around here, things don’t really get going until we let loose with our annual preview and predictions!

Already, this summer is shaping up to be a tad different than those of the past. Why? Largely because of what’s missing. Longtime fans know that summer once meant older characters — meaning anyone over the age of 20 or so — were pushed to the background so that the teen scene could take center stage. The goal? To capture the hearts, minds and eyeballs of kids home from school. After all, as the advertising business learned long ago that the earlier you can hook a consumer, the better the odds they’ll be yours for life.

But take a quick look at the four remaining soaps and you’ll realize that the only one with an active youth group is General Hospital. And you can bet that much of the Port Charles activity will center on Esme’s attempts to keep Spencer while destroying Trina and anyone else who gets in her way, including Joss and Cam.

Despite the overall lack of youth-centric storylines we’re expecting to see in the months ahead, big events will rock all four soaps. Check out the gallery below for a look at not only what will happen but what we think should. Among the highlights? A Bold & Beautiful wedding which just might feature a runaway groom, The Young and the Restless‘ first family being torn apart, and of course the much-discussed murder — or should we say murders — which will have Days of Our Lives viewers asking, “Whodunnit?” Plus, we’ll even check out the primetime lineup, including the latest movie from a former General Hospital fave who’s been embraced by Hallmark fans as one of their own!

For all that and more, click the gallery below!