Jennie Garth at the "2020 American Rescue Dog Show" held at Barker Hanger on January 19, 2020 in Santa Monica, CA
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“You’ve got to do what you’ve got to do!”

Jennie Garth didn’t shy away from taking on her latest role in Tubi’s Bad Influence. The movie commences with a push off the cliff and it’s a wild ride from there on out. The former Beverly Hills 90210 star decided to tackle the role of Joan, a widowed mom doing her best to raise her daughter who gets involved in a cult, because she could relate to what her character was going through (maybe not the cliff part, but definitely the emotional roller coaster).

Telling that “women are underestimated”, Garth believes that “when things get hairy,” that’s when a mom’s superpowers come into play “and you’ve got to do what you’ve got to do.” She explained, “We’re all capable and digging down deep and doing whatever it takes. In this case, doing whatever it took to help her daughter to recognize what was happening and to help her overcome that.” That’s why she brought some of her real-world parenting into the script. As a mom of three to daughters Luca, 24, Lola, 19, and Fiona, 15, Garth knows what it takes to raise a teenager.

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“Being a parent, I’m in it right now with my last teenager in the house. Every one of them has been very good and different, and I learned a lot each time. I’m learning a lot with this last one, and it’s eye-opening and heart-opening,” she laughed.  Garth also acknowledged that parenting “can be very awakening and challenging” at the same time. That’s why she felt so connected to Joan in Bad Influence, we all have “something to learn in these situations” when life throws us an unexpected curveball (hopefully, not as dramatic as Bad Influence‘s murder-by-cult storyline).

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With Garth having one of the most popular teen primetime soaps under her belt, it’s surprising to know she’s never done a daytime show before. “It has definitely presented himself a number of times over the years, and for whatever reason, it hasn’t come to fruition. I have a number of friends that do so (including A Kindhearted Christmas co-star Cameron Mathison), and I have so much respect for them just as artists, because that is an art in itself, working on soaps. They do so much work every day, so much to dialogue every day. Their memories are just sharp as tacks and their emotional well is so available at all times that I have never found myself really wanting to go there every day for a job,” she shared.

While Garth couldn’t remember what soap approached her to join the cast, she revealed that the offer came in to temporarily replace an actress “during the pandemic” to “fill the shoes until the person could come back.” Admitting she “wasn’t in the right head space to do that,” she certainly appreciated that her name came up in conversation. She also joked that after playing the very dramatic Kelly Taylor on 90210, writers can “throw pretty much anything” at her. So, while a daytime show doesn’t sound like it’s in her future, there’s plenty of spectacle ahead for her on Tubi’s Bad Influence. 

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