90 Day Fiance couples mashup
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Plus, is Patrick’s brother simply an attention-seeking troublemaker?

This week’s episode of 90 Day Fiance is filled with so many red-flag moments that we can’t help wondering if any of these couples will actually wind up tying the knot by season’s end.

For Patrick and Thais, the biggest problem seems to be his brother, John. Sure, the wanna-be pride isn’t thrilled that her beau refused to have a quickie-wedding in Vegas, and Patrick’s pretty set on refusing to even consider making their union official without first talking to Thais’ dad. But the real problem in their relationship seems to be his brother, John.

It’s bad enough that the obnoxious lout lives with the couple who are attempting to start their lives together, but he takes every opportunity to stir up trouble. Whether it’s inviting women over for a “housewarming” party or, as he does this week, attempting to convince Patrick he needs strippers at his bachelor party, John’s only real goal seems to be getting his brother in trouble with Thais for his own amusement.

Speaking of interlopers, Ariela’s ex Leandro plays a majorly awkward role in this week’s episode. Viewers will recall that last week, he made arrangements to go wedding dress shopping with Ari, which was odd enough. But this week, when she suspects she might be pregnant with Biniyam’s second child, her ex and (supposedly) future husbands head out to buy a pregnancy test… together!

90 day ari pregnant

Clearly, Ari isn’t thrilled at the prospect of being pregnant again at this point in her life…

Worse, it is only thanks to Leandro’s questioning that Biniyam and Ari discover (yet another) huge problem looming in their relationship.

But perhaps this week’s biggest dust-up involves Yve and Mohammed, who increasingly seem like two people who know next to nothing about one another.

90 day fiance yve mohammed

Fans can’t help thinking Mohammed might be more interested in a green card than Yve.

Credit: TLC screenshot

Having already butted heads over everything from her style of dress to his desire to raise any future children they might have as Muslims. Their latest spat, however, is over something so basic and yet fundamental that it leaves both wondering if perhaps he should just pack his bags and head back to Egypt.

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