Kelly Severide, Stella Kidd, Chicago Fire
Credit: NBC screenshot

First look photos and teasers for Firehouse 51’s big event.

Kelly Severide and Stella Kidd’s wedding has been a long time coming for Chicago Fire fans… but it won’t be as long as it might have been, given the couple made the decision to tie the knot right away.

That translates to a big Firehouse 51 event and celebration on the season 10 season finale complete with our dapper firefighting men dolled up in suits, the devastatingly handsome groom in a tux, and the gorgeous bride in a cascading strapless white gown.

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In new photos out ahead of the finale, we can also see Jesse Spencer, who will return as Matt Casey to act as Severide’s best man (despite Joe Cruz’s high hopes at landing the honor). Also making the scene, of course, is Casey’s lady love, Sylvie Brett, who took a leave of absence from her duties as a paramedic at Firehouse 51 to visit her man in Portland.

This left Violet without a partner, which indirectly led to the potentially career-ending situation she’s now facing, as Emma tries to blackmail her way into taking her job using Mikami’s boyfriend, Chief Evan Hawkins, who is between a rock and a hard place indeed.

We’re sure Brett will get involved upon her return, as spoilers indicate that Emma’s bid to oust Violet will come to a “shocking end.”

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Meanwhile, Brett may have problems of her own if the photo of her and Casey dancing at the wedding reception is anything to go by… as there definitely appears to be trouble in the air.

Take a listen to what Kara Kilmer and Hanako Smith teased about the Chicago Fire season 10 finale in the video below and decide for yourself:

We’ve RSVP’d for the Chicago Fire wedding of the year, which airs Wednesday May 25 on NBC. See the first-look photos here!

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