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There’s more romance and drama ahead for your favorite residents of Hope Valley!

Every year after the last season finale of When Calls the Heart airs, fans await news on whether or not the popular Hallmark series will be renewed. Well, hearties, wait no longer because we are extremely excited to report that the residents of Hope Valley will be returning for Season 10!

Many began to worry when the network didn’t make the announcement following the season nine finale back in May, like the previous year, and the Hallmark Channel responded to one fan, “We will make an announcement right here when we have more information about season 10! Thanks for your patience, Hearties!”

Finally, on June 17, Hallmark said the words everyone had been waiting for: “Season 10 will happen.”

The renewal comes as welcomed news, especially after the season 9 finale. If you haven’t watched yet, don’t read any further because here are a few highlights…

Rosemary finally told Lee that she was pregnant. In fact, he was so excited, that he jumped out of bed and ran into the street in his pajamas to shout the news to the world. He’s going to be a daddy!

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On the flipside, some of the goings-on weren’t all that happy… The Queen of Hearts saloon was completely destroyed by the fire. And while no one was badly hurt, Bill’s future is up in the air and he now knows he must take his health seriously — so much so that he’s decided to put his affairs in order.

However, the biggest moment of all that held viewers to their screens was when Lucas, with some help from little Jack, asked Elizabeth to marry him — and she said yes!

Elizabeth’s portrayer Erin Krakow shared, “Just wanted to say thank you so much for another incredible season! I’m so grateful for your support and passion for When Calls the Heart!”

As for news of the renewal, Krakow told ET, “I’m feeling very grateful. I’m really happy. I’m very proud, excited to get to spend more time in Hope Valley with all of these people I really care about. And it’s just mind-blowing to think about a decade of [the show]. It’s really pretty amazing.”

We cannot wait to see what next season brings and would love to hear what you are most looking forward to. Be sure to leave us your thoughts in the comment section.

And to continue with the renewal celebration, look through our gallery below filled with items to show your support for everything Hope Valley.