Yellowstone mashup season 4 finale
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Who’s ready to head back to Montana?

Saddle up! Ahead of its Sunday, November 13, premiere, Yellowstone Season 5 is officially in the works: Paramount Network announced on May 17 that production has gotten underway in Montana. What’s more, the season will be the series’ biggest yet — 14 episodes. But… Yes, there’s a “but.” Those 14 episodes will be split in two parts, seven shows apiece.

You’ll recall that when Season 4 ended, so did Ryan’s Hope alum Will Patton’s stint as Jamie’s nefarious father, Garrett. And since Jamie’s adoptive sister Beth not only forced him to off Dad but got proof that he had done so, she and pop John now, in essence, own the ambitious politician. Not that Jamie’s career looks likely to advance a whole lot further: Season 5 will also find John continuing his campaign to keep the ne’er-do-well out of the governor’s office.

yellowstone beth jamie screenshot

Jamie might as well get comfy under Beth’s thumb.

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In other developments, though Jimmy returned to the Four Sixes in Texas with newly minted fiancée Emily — tough break, Mia — we’ll be seeing a lot more of the couple in Season 5: Kathryn Kelly, who plays the vet tech who stole Jimmy’s heart, has been made a series regular. So has As the World Turns vet Jennifer Landon (Gwen), aka randy ranch hand Teeter.


Landon’s new character is extra colorful.

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Thus far, there’s been no word as to whether we’ll be seeing more of Piper Perabo as Summer, whose prison sentence loverboy John got shortened, or Jacki Weaver, whose Caroline warned Beth that her new mission in life was to see the Duttons’ ranch paved over. And we can only hope that a newlywed Beth will finally let Carter call her Mama and that Rip will accept the boy as “their” kid. (You know down deep, they both wanna!)

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