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The fallout from the mine explosion sends Bill on a mission.

Last week’s When Calls the Heart had Gowen fighting to keep the mine closed for good. However, in the Sunday, May 22, 8 pm, season finale titled “Rock, a Bye, Baby,” tensions continue to run high in Hope Valley — on so many different levels.

Things didn’t go as anyone planned and Bill works to help Gowen through the fallout of the mine explosion. Plus, Rosemary still hasn’t told Lee about her special news and thinks it might be time, which leads to the couple receiving some other information.

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Then there’s Allie, who stuns Elizabeth with a request, “I need help with finding someone for my dad to marry.” After Elizabeth gets over the initial shock she wonders if Nathan asked Allie for help — or if he even wants to get married. “I thought he wanted to marry you, and that would’ve been great but… to each their own, I suppose,” Allie clarifies then throws out a couple of other options for Nathan until Elizabeth interrupts with some advice.

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And Elizabeth has some problems of her own… she can’t help but still worry about her and Lucas’ relationship. However, when Lucas reveals that he’s “never been more sure” and gets down on bended knee, there is no way she can deny just how much she means to him.

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Things then take a turn when Joseph shows up at her door to report, “The saloon’s on fire.” It’s a race against time as the Hope Valley residents rush to put out the fire — and as Lee runs inside the burning building, Rosemary screams, “Lee!”

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