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All My Children

Bonnie A. asked: Who will be going to Los Angeles?

Soaps.com: You can find a complete list of actors who will be going, and who won’t be, in our AMC News Room article All My Children: Cast Members Going to Los Angeles! Be sure to check back often, as we’ll update the article with any new developments.

As The World Turns

Ashley K. asked: I heard that As the World Turns got cancelled. Is it true? I really hope not… it is my favorite show to watch. Please tell me the rumors aren’t true.

Soaps.com: Unfortunately, Ashley, it is not a rumor, and the show is set to be canceled in September 2010. For more information, please visit As The World Turns Canceled. We’ll be sure to keep our readers updated with any further developments.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Alice K. asked: I would love to purchase the collection of B&B episodes on DVD. Do you have them or know where they can be bought?

Soaps.com: Though neither past nor present episodes are available in the US, to obtain some of the past classic episodes on DVD, which were released in Australia, please visit The Bold and the Beautiful DVD Set Released in Australia.

Days of Our Lives

Sue H. asked: Do you have any current information on Francis Reed? She has not been seen on camera for quite some time now.

Soaps.com: We miss Francis as well, and a fan, who recently blogged with us, had some news to share about what the actress has been up to these days. Please visit Days of our Lives Fan Dishes on ‘Day of Days 2009’.