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One man takes matters into his own hands.

Previously on When Calls the Heart, Lucas was at the center of doubt, and this week in Sunday’s May 15, 8 pm, episode titled “Smoke on the Water,” one man can’t accept what the future holds and takes matters into his own hands.

Even though there are plans to reopen the mine very soon, Gowen decides to take drastic measures to make sure it stays closed. Standing outside the mine, Gowen demands answers and screams, “How much did he pay you in exchange for the lives that will be lost here?!”

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Plus, after Leland promises to catch up with Rosemary, she rushes over to Elizabeth, who’s hiding — from Lucas — behind a newspaper. As she continues to talk to Elizabeth, assuring her friend that she’s never looked more glamorous, Lucas joins Rosemary, with a smile, and urges his lady to show herself, which she does. With Elizabeth and Rosemary both wearing red dresses, Leland reappears and asks Lucas, “How are we going to tell them apart?” The women then make some playful gestures and everyone bursts out laughing.

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Take a look at the sneak peek scene here:

Speaking of Elizabeth and Lucas, both are faced with some relationship issues and struggle to communicate with each other. When Elizabeth admits that she thought Lucas was going to propose on her birthday — and had possibly changed his mind about their relationship — he pulls out a ring box and says, “Happy belated birthday.” However, in order to clear his head, Lucas decides to get out of town for a while.

Watch the promo for Sunday’s all new episode:

But that’s not all… a big storm will be hitting Hope Valley… stay tuned.

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