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No one can say romance is dead, not after watching Heartstopper.

It bears mentioning before we dive into this story that I’ve only seen six episodes of Heartstopper so far. But from the first half-hour, I was hooked. So, apparently, was everyone else who’s watched the Netflix romance about a couple of English schoolboys whose unlikely friendship becomes something far sweeter: The series has an amazing 100-percent rating on Rotten Tomatoes!

But my point in shining a spotlight on the show isn’t just to recommend it to anyone who might need a little infusion of joy into their life (and could any of us not use a bit of a pick-me-up these days?). My point is to direct The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives and General Hospital to Heartstopper.


You know it’s love when it can get a teenager to look away from his phone.

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‘Happy’ Doesn’t Have to Equal ‘Boring’

The long-held theory in daytime is that a happy couple is a couple with no storyline. But Heartstopper’s teens prove in episode after episode that happy and hopeful can be just as compelling as beleaguered and distraught. Sure, Charlie and Nick have hurdles to leap; they’re young and just figuring themselves and each other out. But — spoiler alert — there are no devastating car crashes. No explosions. Nobody’s baby dies. As of episode No. 6, thankfully, nobody dies at all!

So I would encourage our daytime dramas to watch the show closely, to see how beautifully it mines moments for maximum impact. Has the “Should I or should I not?” push/pull of wanting to hold someone’s hand ever been played to greater effect than in Heartstopper? Has any soap “disaster” ever been as pulse-pounding as the anticipation of Charlie and Nick’s first kiss?

Don’t think so.

You’ll understand the leaves when you watch.

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The Best May Be Yet to Come

Whether or not our soaps take notice of Heartstopper and adapt some of its swoon-worthy tactics to their own storytelling, we can thankfully look forward to a second season. Though Netflix has yet to confirm one, the show is a hit — and one with legs. Season 1 only covers the first two volumes of Alice Oseman’s seven-volume graphic-novel series.

Plus, the cast has already said that they are eager to return for more. Kit Connor, who plays Nick, told Cosmopolitan UK, “All of us [are keen for Season 2]. Every single one of us — we all would love to come back. And hopefully, if you guys enjoy this first season, then we will.”

Get a taste for just how sweet it is by watching the trailer above. Then, while you’re here…

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