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As the announcement of the nominees for the 2023 Daytime Emmy Awards drew near, Team Soaps.com got to discussing and debating which actors would find themselves in the running. One thing led to another, and suddenly, we were marveling at some of the industry legends who, as deserving as they may be, had somehow never received a nod. Ever!

Thus, the below photo gallery was born.

jacqueline macinnes wood emmy

Actors who have won an Emmy won’t have won themselves a spot in this list.

Credit: Nina Prommer/Courtesy of NATAS/Daytime Emmys

In it, you’ll find a Who’s Who of daytime all-stars, from The Young and the Restless, The Bold and the Beautiful, General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, as well as some much-missed soaps that are no longer with us. And, frustratingly, the one thing that the MVPs all have in common is that they were never nominated for an Emmy.

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bill susan hayes

If there was a category for Most Sea-Worthy, they’d have won it in 1975!

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So go ahead and prepare to gasp. Facepalm. Shake your head in disbelief. Possibly all of the above and all at once! The list includes long-running veterans who at times carried their shows on their backs, supernovas who electrified their soaps with their arrivals and journeymen who have gone from one role to the next, with the common denominator of them all being the superlative performances that they gave.

Just clickety-click below to dive in and find out 15 soap greats who were never nominated for a Daytime Emmy Award.