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A little disagreement is the least of two women’s worries.

Last week on When Calls the Heart, viewers watched as many worked to stop Wyman Walden in his tracks and this Sunday, in the May 8, 8 pm episode titled “Never Say Never,” two women must deliver unsettling news…

Elizabeth and Rosemary have some very disturbing news to share with the residents of Hope Valley regarding the coal mines but the women don’t agree on how best to go about it. However, when Rosemary learns even more shocking news, their little disagreement is the least of their worries.

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Next, everyone rallies around Lucas as his innocence is questioned. While Elizabeth promises that whatever happens they will get through it together, Faith reminds Nathan that Lucas is innocent until proven guilty. However, one decision could set him free — and Bill informs Nathan that someone wants to make a deal, to which Nathan relays to Lucas, “It’s like trading one wrong for another.”

Plus, the must-see moment that Hearties have been waiting for… Even though Elizabeth thinks Rosemary might have a fever, her friend tells her otherwise…

Watch the promo for Sunday’s all-new episode here:

And if that wasn’t enough of a preview for what’s to come, view a sneak peek scene surrounding Elizabeth and Rosemary in the video — one that leads up to what appears to be her big baby reveal…

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