Violet, Chief Evan Hawkins threat Chicago Fire
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How far is Emma willing to go to get rid of Mikami and take her job?

Violet’s situation took an ominous turn on Chicago Fire when she realized that the new paramedic riding with her was out to get her!

More specifically, Emma is out to get Violet’s permanent gig at Firehouse 51. Now, this is bad enough on its own, but making matters worse is the emerging realization that this woman is actually pretty scary.

She lacks compassion for the patients they’re treating, and almost seems to take delight in discovering that someone has a particularly grisly injury and then bluntly delivering the worst-case scenario to them, when she’s supposed to be reassuring and comforting.

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At this point, Ritter has discovered that Emma lied about her background, and she made a bizarre attempt to undermine Violet in Gallo’s eyes by telling him she had a rough day on a call and couldn’t handle the sight of the patient’s blood — a complete untruth that Violet was later stunned to hear from her friend.

They’ve got Emma’s number, but that’s not doing Violet any good, as the only person who can remedy the situation — Chief Hawkins — has his hands tied when it comes to helping Violet. Having pushed her ambo through for repairs and been caught kissing her on shift, Evan simply cannot risk making another move that might appear to be a favor or which could draw attention to the fact that he and Violet are still seeing one another.

Unfortunately, the precarious situation Violet and Hawkins have landed in provides the perfect means for Emma to achieve her goal — she just hasn’t realized it yet.

With Emma lurking and looking for any opportunity to malign Violet, it’s only a matter of time before she figures out the situation between her partner and Hawkins and decides to use it to her advantage. In fact, she stumbled upon, and very nearly overheard, Violet’s conversation with Gallo about her predicament in the locker room!

At the end of the last episode, Violet and Hawkins declared their love, which delivered a fabulous payoff, but which also left them more vulnerable than ever, and left some of us with sense of foreboding about what may be to come… especially where Violet’s back-stabbing partner is concerned.

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Will Emma discover that Violet is still seeing Chief Hawkins and turn their world upside-down? Tune in to find out when Chicago Fire returns on NBC on Wednesday, May 11.

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