walt willey amc
Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

The soap community rallied around the former daytime star, who is now reaching out to his followers regarding a recent surgery.

Last week All My Children alum Walt Willey (Jackson Montgomery) announced that he was having surgery on Wednesday, April 13, and asked for prayers from his fans. Now, we are happy to report that Willey is well and on the road to recovery!

Without releasing any further details about the surgery, the former soap actor took to his social media platforms to let all of his fans know that he’s back and is “so grateful and humbled” by all of their thoughts and prayers. “I am happy to report that the surgery was indeed successful,” Willey shared. “I was discharged on Easter and am recuperating comfortably at home!” He went on to again thank everyone for the love and support that they showed during this “critical moment.”

Fans were quick to reply with their well wishes and we too send Willey ours as well for a speedy recovery!

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For those who haven’t kept up with the actor’s journey since leaving the ABC soap following its cancellation in September 2011, Willey went on to appear in a few series including Thurston, Everyday Lies and Gunslingers and played Gregory Ashford for three years on the web series Tainted Dreams.

Now that we’ve caught up with Willey and know that he’s recuperating at home, take a look at our gallery below filled with All My Children stars’ then and now photos.