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A trap is set, plus two new investors from the oil company make their presence known.

Previously on When Calls the Heart, everyone wrapped up the first annual Hope Valley Days Festival, as Nathan was forced to make a tough decision and take Mei into custody. This week in the Sunday, May 1, 8 pm, episode titled “Recent Memory,” pressure is put on the town when an unwelcome visitor returns.

Remember the havoc Wyman Walden caused in season eight? Well, he’s back and if you need a refresher from his last visit, the man not only tried to buy Fiona’s barbershop, he tricked Jesse into investing his and Clara’s savings, which they ultimately lost in Walden’s scheme. Though the couple got their money back before leaving for Montana, Walden continued to try to buy up other properties around town.

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The residents will feel a newfound pressure surrounding his return, but Bill quickly comes up with a plan to stop the man in his tracks. If Walden wants to buy The Queen of Hearts Saloon, which is owned by Lucas, Bill tells Lucas they should let him. However, little does Walden know… it’s a trap!

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Plus, new investors arrive from the oil company — and Lucas sends Elizabeth a special birthday gift. Over a phone call, he promises that their celebration won’t contain any surprises, it’ll just be a fun night with her and Jack, to which she replies, “That makes me very happy.” However, the tone then takes a different turn when Lucas asks her for Abigail’s phone number in an attempt to track down Henry, who is suddenly missing. Elizabeth becomes worried and wonders if everything is okay but Lucas insists on explaining the details in person.

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While we wait to see if Jack has a special gift for his mom on her birthday, look through our gallery below filled with photos of soap stars and their real-life mothers.

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