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“Whenever possible we should stand up for what we know is right.”

Last week on When Calls the Heart, the town gathered to celebrated with fun and love to honor Hope Valley, and in the Sunday, April 24, 8 pm, episode titled “Hope Valley Days: Part 2,” everyone continues to enjoy its first ever gala — but an unwelcomed visitor could put a damper on the festivities.

As word spreads that Mei is married, her estranged husband is still lurking in Hope Valley. Elizabeth makes a point to remind Nathan that there are a lot of people who care about him, people who know that he cares about Mei, and many are reminded as well that there are times when people need to band together and do what’s right. However, how will Nathan react when Mei’s husband stops him in the middle of town and demands that he arrest his wife?

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And in a special sneak peek scene, Lee is taken aback by a gift from Rosemary, which leads to a confession about the recent editorials he had written. She understands where her husband is coming from and makes an admission of her own — one that helps both to come to terms with the big responsibility they are facing by being at the helm of the town’s newspaper.

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