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“She went off on him!” 

Fans of NBC’s This Is Us know to expect big, dramatic moments each week. But what they may not be aware of us that some of the biggest never actually make it onto the airwaves. Such was the case with the episode which aired on April 12 and centered around the end of Kate and Toby’s long-troubled marriage.

Given how much the episode had to cover, it’s easy to see why some of the scenes for “Katoby” ended up on the cutting room floor. After all, we spent the hour bouncing around the timeline as we watched the couple fight, go through therapy and eventually move on. We attended birthday parties and karaoke night and even learned more about the tragic past of Kate’s new beau, Phillip. (And this being This Is Us, we just knew he’d have one, right?)

There was, however, one scene that Kate’s portrayer, Chrissy Metz, wishes people had gotten to see. “I had like a whole monologue rebuttal to his remarks,” she told our sister site, Variety, in reference to Toby kinda sorta trash-talking her late father.

This is Us Toby Kate dinner

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And how did Kate respond? “She was just like, ‘I was this person before. You could have blamed it on my dad and my relationship to him, but you can’t do that anymore, and I won’t allow it.’ She went off on him and I was like, ‘Damn, I wish they would have kept that [in].'”

Ultimately, she realizes that “it wasn’t necessary because he said what he needed to say, but it’s hard, because you’re unraveling and you can understand both sides.”

Next week’s episode should see Kate in a better place as it focuses on her wedding to Phillip. “There’s these moments of a lot of fun,” Metz tells Variety, “but also, as we see the decline of Rebecca, that starts to get really tricky and emotional especially around a wedding.”

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