Hawkins, Violet trouble Chicago Fire
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Evan and Mikami’s burgeoning — and forbidden — romance is in jeopardy. Here’s everything we know about the “mess” ahead.

The last we saw Chicago Fire’s Violet and Evan, they were deliciously giving in — yet again — to their white-hot attraction. Except this time, they were abruptly interrupted by a very unwelcome phone call…

It had been a very sexy episode for the paramedic and her boss as they struggled to keep the secret of their burgeoning romantic relationship while working together in close proximity.

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With Sylvie Brett having departed to join Matt in Portland, rather than get Violet a floater as is customary, Hawkins elected to ride along with her in the ambulance as her partner… risking raising suspicions.

In a fraught scene in the back of the ambulance, Violet quietly pointed out to her beau that he needed to “ease up” with all the hotness if they were to keep things on the down-low. In response, he leaned close to tell her she was beautiful — like that helped.
Evan, Violet smile Chicago Fire

Above: Ease up, lover boy.

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After their shift, Violet ran into her lover half-naked coming out of the shower and it was close encounter time once again in the locker room.

The pair managed to wait until they were alone at home before starting to make out amid Violet’s sexy chemistry talk, but his persistently ringing phone became a real mood-killer.

Prior to the scene, an uncomfortable confrontation went down in Molly’s after a firefighter who had spied Hawkins and Violet making out during their shift brought it to the attention of Mikami’s ex, Gallo, and snarked about the affair clearly being the reason ambulance 61 had jumped the line for a repair.

The awkward encounter in the bar left viewers wondering if the firefighter — or Gallo — called in a complaint about the on-the-job romance, as the incoming calls to Hawkin’s phone, cutting short what was sure to be a steamy round of love-making, was from none other than CFD headquarters.

After answering his phone, a concerned Evan told Violet that the Deputy Chief Paramedic wanted to see him in his office first thing in the morning. Uh oh.
Violet, Hawkins interrupted call Chicago Fire

Above: CFD brass buzzkill.

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Hawkins and Violet shared a look that spoke volumes about the summons, which seemed particularly ominous in light of their illicit, or at least ill-advised, relationship and the chances they’d been taking at work.

The official synopsis for Chicago Fire’s next episode tells us that “Hawkins and Violet’s relationship is in jeopardy,” which can only be a result of the intimidating phone call.

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Will Evan Hawkins be disciplined? Demoted? Transferred? If so, what will the consequences be for his romance with Violet? Will they be forced to fight for their relationship in the wake of exposure and push back… or decide to part ways to protect each other and struggle to move on separately?

Something tells us if they try to stay away from each other it won’t stick. In fact, Haas’ co-showrunner Andrea Newman told TV Insider, “It’s just getting stronger and stronger as it goes because these guys are so great together.”

But that doesn’t mean there won’t be hurdles like the one they’re now facing. She teased, “There’s all sorts of problems in their way, which is fun to navigate. We’re really excited about the way Gallo plays into it as well, the whole mess of it.” So… was Blake the one to rat them out? Let us know what you think!

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Tune in to Chicago Fire on NBC on Wednesday April 6, when we will also see Cruz and Chloe adapting to their new family dynamic, and Kidd and Severide working with the CPD to get to the bottom of a suspicious car wreck.

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