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Plus, previews of what’s coming next! 

We get it. You’re busy. Every now and then, some of the latest breaking news is going to slip under the radar. But that’s why we’re here — it’s literally our job to catch you up on the latest happenings in the daytime world! Whether you love The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital or The Young and the Restless — or all of the above — this is your one-stop shop to find out what’s going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful

The Bold and the Beautiful delighted us all last week by giving us loads of Stephanie flashbacks. The problem is, they also left us hungry for more! While there will never be another Stephanie, the show has several characters who could grow into her role of dominating matriarch! So what are they waiting for?

As Bold & Beautiful celebrated its anniversary, Richard reflected on some of his favorite storylines — including a few most people hated! Plus, he looks at why we continue to watch, even when the stories hit rough patches.

What Went Down Last Week: Sheila and Thomas proved how very bad they are at being furtive as Steffy tailed them to their meeting at Il Giardino. Steffy was determined to find out what was going on with her brother, but got sidetracked when Finn pulled her into the bedroom. Brooke spent her days dearly regretting her decision to hand Ridge over to Taylor on a silver platter. At week’s end, Brooke went on a memory-filled and romantic journey through her past loves including Nick, Thorne, Bill and Eric before ending up — where else? — in Ridge’s arms.

Days of Our Lives

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Since first arriving in Salem seven years ago, Xander’s gone from murderous psychopath to lovable rogue. So we sat down with portrayer Paul Telfer to discuss where there character’s been as well as what’s next. And wait until you hear the warning he had for Sarah/Xander fans!

Given what Sonny and Will asked of Chad this week, Lori suggests it might be time for Abigail’s hubby to expand his circle of friends. Meanwhile, she’s loving Xander’s angst and wondering if a few locals are heading down dark paths, all in this week’s column.

What Went Down Last Week: Chad put the plan to seduce Leo into action, just as Craig took over a fired Kayla’s job as Chief of Staff. After JoDevil made it look like Belle was possessed, John and Marlena staged an exorcism and believed (yet again) they’d banished the demon. A newly paroled Clyde told Ben and Ciara he needed to live with them as a condition of his release. Rafe was exonerated and kissed Nicole, Maggie convinced Sarah and Tony to move in with her, and Abigail suggested Xander turn to Rolf for a cure to what ails Sarah.

General Hospital


To say that Nina and Sonny’s pairing has been polarizing for fans would be an understatement — but could it soon be coming to an end? General Hospital may have just dropped a major hint about the couple’s future, and Cynthia Watros might have done so as well!

The teen storyline may have started out strong, but these days, it’s all Dustin can do to keep from fast-forwarding through it. Plus, he can’t help but roll his eyes at what’s shaping up to be yet another baby swap storyline. On the plus side, as he writes in this week’s column, he’s enjoying the mystery surrounding Victor’s diabolical end game!

What Went Down Last Week: Phyllis revealed to Nina that she and Harmony used to work in the same clinic. Selina returned to Port Charles and informed Brad that he’d be working for her, running a high-stakes poker game out of The Savoy. As Joss and Cam’s sex tape scandal went public, Alexis printed their side of the story to help control the narrative. Later, Jordan received Esme’s bogus anonymous tip about the sex tape and was forced to bring Trina in for questioning. And Esme told Spencer she might be carrying his child!

The Young and the Restless


This past week gave us plenty of reason to celebrate as we honored Young & Restless49th anniversary with a photo-filled walk down Memory Lane, feted Amelia Heinle after 17 years on the sudser, and joined Brytni Sarpy in looking back on her three years in Genoa City.

Although thrilled to see the drama ramped up as Victoria finally realized she’d been played by Ashland, Candace couldn’t help hoping that the betrayed woman soon will go from weeping to seeking revenge. Meanwhile, she has a whole lotta questions about Diane’s resurrection in this week’s column, a major issue with Lily and Devon’s merger, and more than a few thoughts about Billy’s podcast!

What Went Down This Week: Victoria was handed proof that Ashland lied about his cancer, which caused her to break down. Jack’s mystery texter (and the person buying Keemo’s house from Allie) was revealed to be none other than his not-so-dead ex-wife, Diane Jenkins! Elsewhere, Billy managed to produce a podcast but wasn’t sure he had another one in him, and Devon and Lily brought Nate in on their new merger — as Devon’s COO! Meanwhile, Chelsea spent some time with her crush Rey, who channeled his inner dad to give her a bit of advice about Connor.

Primetime Previews & Classic Soaps

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What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here’s a glimpse of what’s just around the corner!

  • The pieces are all falling into place as Steffy puts Sheila on blast. Her threats to unravel all of Sheila’s plans may be falling on deaf ears, though, as Steffy’s scheming mother-in-law warns her to keep her mouth shut… or else!
  • Things are about to heat up on Days of Our Lives… at least as far as Chloe and Brady are concerned! But even as they try to figure out what they are going to be to one another moving forward, there’s a fight brewing on the other side of town as Ava and Nicole square off!
  • Diane’s return is set to cause all kinds of problems for the residents of Genoa City. But hers isn’t the only Young & Restless return that will grab our attention this week: Lauren and Michael will finally be reunited!

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