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Everyone has an opinion and some are less than stellar.

Last week, news of Nathan’s amnesia following the hit and run accident spread through Hope Valley and in Sunday’s March 20, 8 pm, episode titled “Turn of the Page,” Elizabeth’s book is finally published.

It’s been a long time coming but the wait is over and Elizabeth’s book, A Single Mother on the Frontier, is published. It is the subject of conversation between her Hope Valley friends and neighbors and Lucas has something in mind to celebrate her big accomplishment — a party! However, Elizabeth isn’t in the partying mood after her book lands on the receiving end of a few bad reviews.

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In the sneak peek video, Lucas hopes to cheer Elizabeth up and presents her with a special gift. What’s inside the envelope not only touches her heart, but it puts a smile back on her face.

Plus, in the preview for Sunday’s episode, someone catches Nathan’s eye wandering and gives him a stern warning — and it’s not Faith. However, Nathan quickly objects to his friends’ concerns. And the woman at the receiving end of Nathan’s newfound affection has a question… but how will she react to the answer?

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