Stella hire new firefighter Chicago Fire
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The new recruit will be immediately tested on a call as Stella looks to fill the vacant position on truck.

In an unexpected twist, Stella Kidd, who was set to leave Firehouse 51, learned she’d be staying on as the lieutenant for the truck she loves after Pelham announced he was leaving to take the vacancy at fledgling Firehouse 72. It was a bittersweet moment as Chicago Fire viewers got to see Stella realize a dream, but had to say goodbye to Brett Dalton’s Pelham, who had grown on us.

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With Stella moving into a leadership position on Truck 81, it leaves a vacancy on the rig that needs to be filled. In the last episode, when Kidd was set to move on, we saw Boden ask Pelham to look at a list of potential candidates to fill the empty slot — a task that will now fall to Stella.

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It looks as though she doesn’t waste any time filling the vacant position as the synopsis for Missing Piece (an episode title that probably alludes to the empty spot) reveals that a “possible new recruit to 51 gets tested at a call” after “Kidd searches for the right person to fill the open spot on Truck 81.”

Who Stella will hire, and whether the person cast as the new recruit will be successful and stick around as a regular on the canvas remains to be seen, but at some point soon, the position will be filled and we’ll have a new face at Firehouse 51. We think it would be fantastic if Kidd were to bring on one of the girls who graduated from her Girls on Fire program.

The incoming addition to Truck 81 will be followed by a new paramedic that we’ll be seeing on a recurring basis beginning in April. As reported by our sister site, TV Line, Caitlin Carver has been cast in the role of Emma, who debuts next month.

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Getting back to Missing Pieces, watch for Severide to cross paths with Seager again as they “work together to investigate an anonymous tip following an injury in the aftermath of an industrial fire,” which then leads to a perilous situation as seen in the promo below:

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