Ruzek, Burgess upset Chicago PD
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Adam and Kim may be forced to make an excruciatingly difficult decision if they find the girl alive.

We predicted that the court battle for Makayla, which saw her biological uncle and his wife fighting for custody against Kim and Adam, would bring about life-changing decisions for the detectives, but the twist Chicago PD threw at us turned everything upside-down.

When Burgess and Ruzek, thrillingly, won the right to proceed with the adoption in court, all they wanted to do was to go home and celebrate with Makayla. But they had no idea that a parent’s worst nightmare awaited them at the apartment.

Makayla’s caregiver was bloodied and appeared near death on the floor, and the girl was nowhere to be found. Her sitter managed to tell Ruzek and Burgess, “They took her.”

Given that their most recent case involved tangling with a cult responsible for serial killings, and that Burgess’ role was to get one of the cult members to trust her as a means of getting to the cult leader, the incident at the apartment could be retaliatory in nature.

Which means that Makayla is in grave danger.

We’ve no doubt that Burgess and Ruzek will find the girl, who unfortunately, is reliving the mind-numbing trauma of witnessing a bloody attack and being kidnapped, which is what brought her into Kim’s life in the first place.

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Whether the uncle finds out what’s happened and launches another bid for custody of Makayla or not, the terrifying incident may well lead to Burgess re-examining the situation. She’ll feel guilty about her job putting the girl into harm’s way and likely question her ability to keep her safe. Ironically, after fighting so hard to keep her, she may decide that the idea of a more ‘normal’ and stable life away from the risks presented by her work at Chicago PD would be best for Makayla.

Will Makayla be found alive? Will Burgess and Ruzek ultimately give Makayla up for her own protection and for peace of mind? Watch the Chicago PD promo to see more on the search, as Voight’s words, “There’s still time,” give us hope the girl will be found alive and rescued.

Tune in for the next new episode of Chicago PD, which airs Wednesday, March 9 on NBC.

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