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Is another character set to follow on the heels of one doctor’s unexpected departure from Grey Sloan?

While his sons had never settled happily into life in Seattle, it still came as a shock when Dr. Cormac Hayes announced he was tendering his resignation and moving back to Ireland.

Ostensibly, his departure was due to the ethical dilemma he found himself in after Owen, on the brink of what he believed to be certain death, confided in him that he’d been helping secure medication to end their lives — and asked Hayes to continue on doing so after his demise.

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A conflicted Hayes struggled with whether or not to report what Owen had been doing and ultimately decided the matter by opting to leave the hospital and the country. Of the character’s exit, Kevin McKidd told our sister site, Deadline, “Hayes was already reassessing his life in Seattle… It pushes him towards a decision he was already on the way to.”

Fans who were still hoping something romantic might develop between Hayes and Meredith Grey will arguably be the most disappointed by Richard Flood’s exit. The pair did attempt to go that route at one point, but it happened largely off-screen, with viewers learning after the fact that it never really got off the ground due to his sons’ resistance to the relationship.

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Hayes was thrown into something of a flirtation with Owen’s sister Megan this season, and while she mentioned still being with her partner Nathan, he didn’t surface even once throughout the medical crisis involving her son Farouk. While this might be due to the fact that Martin Henderson was unavailable to reprise the role (he now appears as Jack on Netflix’s Virgin River), it could also be revealed that there’s been an off-screen split.

Given how close Megan has grown to Hayes — who was the one to realize she was suicidal when it looked as though her son would die — it wouldn’t be a stretch for Owen to find himself saying farewell to his sister, who just might follow Cormac to Ireland for a fresh start.

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Of course, Megan might stick around to help out with Owen’s recovery. Let’s face it, Teddy’s going to need some help with Owen who is bound to be a miserable going concern if he can’t perform his hospital duties due to his injuries. McKidd previewed, “This brings out a lot of stuff between Owen and Teddy as recovery is frustrating for him.”

Will Megan stay or will she go? Would you like to see the character stick around, return to her husband, or join Hayes in Ireland? Let us know, but first, don’t miss our gallery of Yellowstone’s best Beth burns in the photo gallery below.