Three photo collage of 9-1-1: Lone Star's TK, Gwyn and Owen
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Will grief lead to new love and… parenthood?

Last week’s 9-1-1 Lone Star was a fun, lighthearted episode… until it wasn’t. After watching the 126 crew take their newfound rivalry with the police department to the softball diamond, TK got a devastating phone call informing him his mother, Gwyn was dead.

If you want to relive the shocking moment again, take a look below.

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In the upcoming February 28 episode, TK and Owen travel to New York for her funeral. And because this is 9-1-1: Lone Star, an emergency transpires on the plane, putting TK’s life in jeopardy — again. Poor Carlos may never survive his boyfriend’s penchant for near-death experiences. While we’re pretty sure he’ll be able to breathe a sigh of relief after this latest harrowing ordeal, the aftermath of their tragic loss could present a few obstacles.

“His mother’s death is a game-changer for TK. But also for Owen and Carlos,” showrunner Tim Minear told Variety. “The way TK deals with this loss and grief will tell us a lot about where he is and where he came from. And Owen will have his own reckoning with his past with Gwyn.”

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For Owen, the death of his ex-wife could hit especially hard considering they briefly reunited last season. He also became excited over the thought of being a father again when Gwyn discovered she was pregnant. However, the baby turned out to be her other ex, Enzo’s child.

In reaction to her recent visit with said baby, Owen went on a bit of a dating app bender, which roomie Mateo did not approve of. Owen eventually went on a proper date with Catherine, but we haven’t seen the Texas governor’s chief of staff since. Considering he is looking for love, or at least companionship, could Owen’s grief lead him to double down on that quest? Maybe even bond with recently widowed Tommy, who is grieving her own loss?

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As for recovering addict TK, his sobriety is a concern. Luckily he has Carlos to lean on, but this is bound to test his strength, as well as their bond as a couple. One thing that could put even more pressure on him is, if Enzo also perishes, the baby ends up in brother, TK’s care.

How do you think Owen and TK will handle their tragic loss? Do you want to see “Tarlos” raise a baby together? Or is it too soon? Tell us what you think in the comments. Then, look through our photo gallery below of the soap opera deaths we’re still not over.

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