Justin Hartley, Alexandra Breckenridge, This Is Us
Credit: Ron Batzdorff, Netflix/Everett Collection

There’s every reason to believe that Sophie will be revealed as Kevin’s future wife.

The latest installment of This Is Us circled back to the break-up of Kevin and Sophie’s marriage via flashbacks, which wasn’t even the first clue that there may be more to come for this couple.

In the previous episode, Cassidy told Kevin he was “chasing the wrong blonde,” which could have meant either Madison or Sophie — even he wasn’t sure which one she was referencing!

Nothing happens without a reason on This Is Us, so that was very much a hint that Kevin ends up married to one of the ladies from his past in the future.

Back to the most recent episode, we saw Kevin settle his argument with Madison, and in a scene that felt significant, he took a step back from challenging Elijah, who informed him that he shouldn’t be “biding his time,” because he’s not going anywhere. Kevin indicated the new boyfriend’s message had been received and went on his way. This doesn’t exactly scream “imminent reunion” for the twins’ parents.

That brings us to the next clue, which was Kate reaching out to Sophie, who responded immediately, prompting fans to realize there was a distinct possibility that Kevin’s ex-wife might come back into the picture.

Need more evidence? We give you the words of Alexandra Breckenridge, who in a previous interview with Entertainment Weekly about the end of the popular series, spoke on what might be coming.

Not only did Breckenridge state, “Ultimately, I hope that Kevin and Sophie end up together,” but she teased, “I know certain things that I’m not allowed to talk about.”

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The actress has been busy playing Mel on Virgin River, which has in the past created scheduling conflicts for her to return to This Is Us as Sophie. But surely she’d have been able to free up enough time to give Kevin and Sophie fans their full circle moment? Right?

While Breckenridge admitted there were logistical difficulties, she also mused at the time, “We’ll see what happens for the last season.” It sounds like there’s every reason to believe Kevin’s future wife will be revealed as Sophie as the series wraps.

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Meanwhile, in other Kevin news, he’s been back to playing the Manny — the older version of the Manny that is — with Days of Our Lives alum Mike Manning appearing as his new, younger counterpart. Justin Hartley, of course, also made his way to primetime from soap operas after playing Fox Crane on Passions and Adam Newman on Young & Restless.

This Is Us airs Tuesday nights on NBC. Check your local listings for times.

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