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“It’s going to be a pretty big event.”

Cliffhangers don’t come much more literal than the one which found Grey’s Anatomy doc Owen trapped in a car as it plunged over a precipice in the final seconds of the midseason finale. “If I don’t make it,” he told co-worker Hayes, “tell Teddy and my kids that I love them!” And when the show returns from its winter break on Thursday, February 24, we’ll finally learn whether those might have been Hunt’s final words.

No matter what happens during next week’s Grey’s Anatomy/Station 19 crossover event, it will bring the hospital-set drama one step closer to a major milestone: By season’s end, it should hit the 400 episode mark.

Now granted, that seems like a rather small number to soap fans, given that ABC’s other medical drama — a little show you may have heard of called General Hospital — has aired over 14,900 episodes. But in primetime, 400 is a number rarely achieved and worthy of celebrating.

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Above: “Really? Call us when you’ve clocked a thousand episodes, then we’ll talk.”

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So exactly how will Grey’s mark the occasion? Showrunner Krista Vernoff isn’t ready to spill the tea quite yet, but she did offer our sister site TVLine at least a taste of what we can — and definitely shouldn’t — expect. “We’re not doing a black-and-white movie musical,” she laughed, “but it’s going to be a pretty big event, I think.”

As for when the 400th episode will air, Vernoff is hoping it will be this season’s finale “if there are no further COVID delays and we don’t end up dropping an episode,” she said, adding that was “a big ‘if.'”

Then again, having time to craft something truly spectacular with which to kick off Season 19 in the fall might not be the worst thing ever. Meanwhile, check out the preview for next week’s big episode below and tell us whether you think the title — “No Time To Die” — should be taken as a clue as to Owen’s fate!

Hit the comments section with your wild speculation as to what tricks the folks at Grey’s Anatomy might pull out of their hat for episode 400, then join us in looking back at the remarkable history of General Hospital via this photo-packed gallery.