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A real-life and reel life reunion is on the way for Queen Latifah.

A reunion is set to take place when The Equalizer returns on February 27, as Jada Pinkett Smith teams up with Queen Latifah’s titular character. The actresses, who co-starred in the movies Girls Trip and Set It Off, will team up when Pinkett Smith appears as a jewel thief who once worked with Latifah’s CIA operative turned vigilante, Robyn McCall.

While we can’t wait to watch the women together on the small screen (and based on the fun preview below, hope there’s more of this duo to come) we can’t help but anticipate another pairing that’s soon to grace our screens – that of Robyn and her ex.

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Despite briefly meeting Robyn’s ex’s new wife in a season one episode, viewers have only heard about the man the women have in common. We’re not even sure he has a name, but we have heard how he’s picked up his and Robyn’s daughter, Deliah, and that she’s stayed at his house — off-screen.

Per TVLine, that’s about to change, as, by the end of the season, viewers will finally see the man they’ve only heard about. Our sister site suggested Denzel Washington for the role, considering he played The Equalizer in the movies, but should the A-lister be too busy, we’d like to suggest the following soap opera alums who could easily step into the role — and maybe even spark some onscreen chemistry with Robyn himself.

Sean Blakemore


Sean Blakemore, smiling in a red t-shirt, against a white background. General Hospital

There was a lot of excitement when General Hospital brought Sean Blakemore back as Shawn Butler. Unfortunately, not much came from it. Since his character recently announced he’d be moving to San Francisco, that means Blakemore is leaving Port Charles as well. Perhaps to slide over to The Equalizer as Robyn’s ex and Delilah’s dad?

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Keith Hamilton Cobb

Keith Hamilton Cobb smiles against a white back drop. His hair is closely shaved. His salt and pepper mustache extends down to his chin.

The former daytime star has been keeping busy in the theatre, but long-time soap fans are well versed in his ability to smolder and charm onscreen. His most notable role of Noah Keefer lit up All My Children, but he also made his mark as Damon Porter on Young and the Restless.

Timothy D. Stickney

Timothy D Stickney gives a closed mouth smile. He wears a grey wool cap and multi-colored scarf.

One Life to Live’s RJ Gannon may have been ethically challenged, but he had charisma to spare, especially with Llanview’s straight-laced Evangeline. It’s not hard to imagine RJ’s portrayer selling a past (and maybe current?) connection with Queen Latifah’s Robyn or fatherly concern for daughter Delilah.

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Terrell Tilford

terrell tilford returns to days of our lives da giddens

Whether on Days of Our Lives (D.A. James Giddens/Dr. Bob Carrington), One Life to Live (Dr. Greg Evans), Young and the Restless (Dr. Barton Shelby), or Guiding Light (David Grant), Terrell Tilford has passed many a chemistry test. We have no doubt the sparks would fly with the entire cast of The Equalizer.

Kamar de los Reyes

Kamar de los Reyes on a red carpet. He has a salt and pepper beard. He stands in front of a dark grey back ground, with the Netflix and Locke and Key logos on it.

He played one of Llanview’s finest and has portrayed law enforcement in various primetime roles, including a recent recurring gig on The Rookie. But Kamar de los Reyes has proven he also excels at showing his softer side, as evidenced by his many love affairs on One Life to Live as Antonio Vega.

Who would like to see step into the long heard of, but never seen role? Tell us in the comments! Then, while you’re feeling nostalgic, take a look at our photo gallery below of the soap opera couples who have called it quits, but will always hold a place in fans’ hearts.