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Plus, previews of what’s coming next! 

We get it. You’re busy. Every now and then, some of the latest breaking news is going to slip under the radar. But that’s why we’re here — it’s literally our job to catch you up on the latest happenings in the daytime world! Whether you love The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital or The Young and the Restless — or all of the above — this is your one-stop shop to find out what’s going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful


Now that the Santa-gate lid has been blown wide open, the writing on the wall seems to say we’re heading for a Ridge/Taylor reunion. But what if that’s not what’s happening here? We have a feeling the show could, instead, be setting us up for one hell of a shock!

Get ready, because in this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, Richard is going out on a limb: He suggests that the soap is preparing to kill off a major player! Plus, find out which characters behaved so poorly that he wants to send them to bed without their supper!

What Went Down Last Week: After seeing the incriminating evidence, Taylor took it upon herself to tell Ridge that his wife had “cheated” on him. Ridge went to confront Brooke, who confessed everything that had gone down on New Year’s Eve. After seeming to forgive his wife, Ridge went to sucker punch Deacon! Grace was pleased when her plan to push Paris into Zende’s arms seemed to be working.

Days of Our Lives

Two side by side photos of Days of Our Lives' Chloe and Brady hugging, and the silhoutte of a woman, surrounded by orange, with a white question mark in the middle.

Chloe and Brady have been inching toward a reunion, but they just can’t seem to make it over that final hurdle. It may take a visit from Brady’s ex, of all people, to finally give us “Broe” back — and for once, we aren’t talking about Kristen!
  • Days of Our Lives‘ post-Olympics promo featuring Paulina and TR had us feeling more than a little uncomfortable with how the show’s dealing with the serious topic of abuse. Meanwhile, it looks as if someone will soon arrive in Salem who could wind up telling us everything we need to know about Paulina’s nasty ex.
  • Thanks to JoDevil, Chad turned on EJ at the worst time possible. But unless we miss our mark, once the whole truth comes out,  EJ’s going to be hell-bent on revenge!
  • Bill Hayes made his Days of Our Lives debut ago 52 years ago last week, so of course we had to put together a tribute to both the actor and his iconic alter ego
  • It looks like once the Olympic hiatus is over, Jack will be coming back to Salem… and he isn’t returning alone!

What Went Down Last Week: Days of Our Lives was pre-empted for NBC’s coverage of the Winter Olympics. It will be bumped from the airwaves this week as well, returning on Monday, February 21.

General Hospital

GH Victor hospital screenshot

General Hospital‘s headwriters chatted with about Victor Cassadine’s master plan and how the Esme/Spencer/Trina triangle factors into it. What, you didn’t think Victor’s grandnephew would escape his wicked plot, did you?

As much as he may hate Peter, Dustin had to admit in this week’s General Hospital column that the villain’s escape with Maxie saw the show firing on all cylinders. Plus, Nina and Sonny finally jumping into bed together gave us a Carly/Drew near-miss that just about had him screaming at his television!

What Went Down Last Week: Liz found the dress in which she’d married Franco had been shredded. Maxie left with Peter on the condition they leave Louise behind. Terry arrived at Charlie’s for her big date. Sonny found out that Carly was meeting with a divorce attorney. Carly and Drew nearly kissed. Sam and Dante better defined their relationship.

The Young and the Restless

Devon, Abby, Chance, Mariah Y&R

Things have calmed down since Devon first started asking for more time with Dominic as everyone’s settled into the new status quo. But that’s only because little Dom’s unconventional family has been working under the assumption that Devon is his biological father. So how will they react if that isn’t true after all?

Candace is looking forward to Valentine’s Day heating things up a bit in this week’s Young & Restless column. Plus, she has a cure for Billy’s insomnia and dishes on what’s working — and what’s not — among some of Genoa City’s couples.

What Went Down This Week: Victor continued digging for dirt on Ashland, who confessed his involvement with the Peruvian clinic to Victoria. Chelsea had a dream about kissing Rey. The people in Dom’s life waited anxiously for the results of his medical tests. Adam made Sally the COO of Newman Media, and the two got closer as they avoided celebrating Valentine’s Day as part of their agreement to never mark holidays.

Primetime, Flashbacks and More

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What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here are a few previews of what’s coming up next!

  • Brooke may be claiming there’s no one she wants more than Ridge, but now that the truth is out there on Bold & Beautiful, is her husband actually willing to forgive her? He may not have a choice if Steffy and Thomas have their way!
  • Is there anything hotter than a secret romance? That’s the direction that Adam and Sally seem headed as they combine business and pleasure. But they’re about to be busted… and by the last person either would want catching them in the act!

Finally, while everyone else is raising toasts to love, were taking a slightly different approach to Valentine’s Day. How? By taking a look at 30 of the worst couples to ever hit daytime. The shows thought these pairings would sizzle, but in reality, all they did was fizzle!