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Daytime history was made on February 13, 2009.

With Mariah and Tessa’s engagement and looming wedding on The Young and the Restless, it seems only fitting that we take the time to celebrate a true daytime milestone. On this day, 13 years ago, All My Children aired daytime’s first same-sex wedding when Bianca and Reese declared their love for each other in front of the whole world.

The show knew they were bringing something to the screen that had never been seen in daytime before and they’d been promoting it left and right. It didn’t get much more romantic than a Valentine’s Day wedding. Well, a day-before-Valentine’s Day wedding. That year, V-Day was on a Saturday, so February 13 was as close as they could get.

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“Breese” fans had been waiting for this day for ages, but it didn’t start out promising. For one thing, Reese began it with a dream of Bianca giving her away at her wedding to… Zach. Much like Noah’s problematic obsession with Tessa, Zach’s hold on Reese was weighing what should have been a joyful celebration down.

Things got worse for Bianca’s bride-to-be as she ran into Kendall while trying to caffeinate her hangover — and the memory of kissing Zach the night before — away. Erica’s firstborn put Reese on the defense, pointedly probing about “regrets.”

Up in her own room, Bianca traded gentle barbs with her mom about Erica whisking her away from Reese. Rather than rising to the bait, though, Erica apologized for getting upset at the thought of Bianca moving to France, then apologized to Reese for both herself and Kendall.

Erica had come a long way from the days of running out on her daughter for coming out. Back then, La Kane had made Bianca’s emotional moment all about her. Now, she was focused on her daughter’s happiness. And that growth made it all the more touching when the brides-to-be told Erica that they’d decided to stay in Pine Valley after all.

Zach and Kendall, on the other hand, ran off in a huff, but Bianca told her mom that they were going forward with the ceremony, whether or not her sis was there.

“I’m getting married today,” Bianca declared as she broke out that Kane steel. “And if Kendall doesn’t want to be a part of it, then so be it.”

And married they were, the wedding beginning with Bianca and Reese walking down the aisle together, hand-in-hand, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes. Reese gently wiped away Bianca’s tears of joy, which had us wishing someone was there to wipe away our tears. And then Bianca began reciting her vows — only for Kendall to steal her thunder.

“I found a woman of strength, passion and beauty,” Bianca began, as the show to cut away to Annie holding Ryan at gunpoint in one car and Kendall arguing with Zach in another. She accused him of carrying on with Reese behind her back, the music building to a crescendo of urgency, instead of love as Bianca promised to be Reese’s wife for eternity.

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As Bianca’s vows continued, we then watched Kendall swerve, her car out of control, and force Greenlee off the road on her motorcycle.

Drama is, of course, daytime’s bread and butter, and there are few soap weddings that escape without some excitement. But in taking the drama away from the wedding and spending half the ceremony on the road as Bianca recited her vows, it felt like the show just couldn’t let Bianca and Reese have a moment to themselves to truly shine and celebrate a groundbreaking daytime event.

But, like with Valentine’s Day, we guess it was as close as they could get. While a Tessa and Mariah wedding is no do-over — just like with “Breese,” they deserve to be given the space to be celebrated on their own terms — it’ll be interesting to see if Young & Restless does any better.

That’s not to say Bianca and Reese’s wedding wasn’t a beautiful, touching affair, and All My Children shouldn’t be celebrated for telling their story. It was and the show and actors deserve heaps of praise for breaking the rainbow ceiling. But for daytime’s next same-sex wedding (of which there are still so few) it would be nice to see an event wholly focused on “Teriah.” A good first step would be making sure Noah doesn’t turn into a spoiler like Zach did.

Whether that happens or not, only time will tell.

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