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“Things are slowed down.”

Ever since word first came down that ABC was looking into the possibility of rebooting All My Children as a primetime series called Pine Valley, fans have been bombarding us with requests for info on the project. Sadly, there’s been little to report… until now.

While talking with the folks at People magazine about her work with the American Heart Association’s Go Red for Women campaign, Susan Lucci — aka the iconic Erica Kane, as if you didn’t know — gave us all a glimmer of hope about the new series.

“There has been movement,” she said, adding that news about the project tended to come her way “sporadically.”

Speaking for all of us, she admitted to wishing “it was a quicker movement, but yes, everything in terms of being in the right hands, as far as I know, would be in place.”

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Those hands she mentioned belong to Kelly Ripa and her husband Mark Consuelos, better known to All My Children fans as Hayley and Mateo, whom Lucci says, “are both so terrific. They would be executive producers, so I’m really hoping that this is going to actually go forward.”


Above: Could we see Erica reunited with daughters Bianca and Kendall in primetime?

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After enthusiastically calling the project “really interesting” and adding that the concept was “so good,” she added a caveat that we’ve all become far too familiar with over the past two years. “COVID is in play again, and things are slowed down.”

What little has been released about the initial plotline is certainly intriguing. “A young journalist with a secret agenda comes to expose the dark and murderous history of a town named Pine Valley, only to become entangled in a feud between the Kane and Santos families,” reads the drama’s IMDB page.

While we’d rather have heard that shooting has begun or crucial roles had been cast, we’ll have to settle for Lucci saying that things are moving forward… at least for now. While we await further developments, tell us which past characters and/or cast members you think the primetime version would need to focus on. Then check out the photo gallery below in which we list our picks for must-be-included folks!