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Plus, previews of what’s coming next! 

We get it. You’re busy. Every now and then, some of the latest breaking news is going to slip under the radar. But that’s why we’re here — it’s literally our job to catch you up on the latest happenings in the daytime world! Whether you love The Bold and the Beautiful, Days of Our Lives, General Hospital or The Young and the Restless — or all of the above — this is your one-stop shop to find out what’s going on.

The Bold and the Beautiful

Taylor/Steffy/Thomas Mashup
Taylor and Ridge have been on a collision course ever since the shrink first reappeared in Los Angeles. After what went down last week, a reunion between them looks more inevitable than ever — at least if Steffy and Thomas have anything to do with it
  • Jacqueline MacInnes Wood (Steffy) gave us a peek at her home life with an adorably serene beach video starring her baby boys. And it’s those little adventures, she tells us, which are an absolute must in their household.
  • Sean Kanan (Deacon) is a true professional, but sometimes, he confessed, when he’s in a scene with his co-star, he can’t help but “feel badly!”
  • Let’s face it — questionable choices or not, Carter is still one of Los Angeles’ most eligible bachelors. And that means the fans have plenty to say about who he should end up with!
  • Carter might wanna watch his step, because someone in town is very unhappy with him… and she’s “ready to pounce!”
Before reading this week’s Bold & Beautiful column, get a piece of paper and write down what you think are the most-repeated lines on the show. Then click here to see if your picks match ours!

What Went Down Last Week: Carter tried keeping Paris at arm’s length, but without much success. When the two were later making out at the office, her mother — who is very much #TeamZende — caught them in the act. Brooke tried to prevent Douglas from telling anyone that he’d seen her smooching with Santa. But by week’s end, the tot not only spilled the beans to Thomas, but remembered that it was Deacon, not Santa, he’d seen grandma kissing!

Days of Our Lives

Dan Feuerriegel, ej, days, jpi

EJ’s about to get a blast from his past when the last person he’d want to see winds up too close for comfort. The only question now is whether he’ll survive the encounter and make things right with Sami — or hop into bed with someone completely new
  • We marked the 36th anniversary of Drake Hogestyn‘s Salem debut with a jam-packed tribute featuring photos from all of John’s adventures
  • Sami’s been popping in and out of Salem quite a bit lately, leaving us wondering if perhaps she might stick around for good. And last week, Alison Sweeney finally answered that question!
  • Tyler Christopher shared a single photo that kicked-started a mystery… and had us all speculating whether or not he’d be bringing Stefan back to Salem
  • Though Camila Banus and her hubby only married within the past year, the two have been together for a full decade! And to commemorate their anniversary, the actress shared a series of photos proving that romance is alive and well! 
  • Betty White: Television pioneer, Golden Girls darling… Days of Our Lives actor? It’s true! And she got to work with one of Salem’s greatest heroes ever. We found the video to prove it
Craig and Nancy sparked some intense debate upon their return this week, but there’s another potential twist that could add to the drama. Plus, Lori’s wondering if Xander is playing the long game and if Ray will unite two powerhouses in this week’s Days of Our Lives column.
What Went Down Last Week: Johnny’s movie producer showed up in town… and turned out to be Paulina’s abusive ex (and Lani’s dad), TR. When Abigail figured out that Ava was beneath the Sarah mask, she and Gwen had Chad’s wife taken to a remote island. There, she was held at gunpoint by Kristen. Chad realized Abby wasn’t in Boston with her folks. Xander proposed to Gwen as it was revealed that Sarah is alive and on the same island as Abigail.

General Hospital

Courtney Hope, Chad Duell Y&R
For the first time, Chad Duell (Michael) spoke out about his split from Young & Restless‘ Courtney Hope (Sally) during a sit-down with his TV-dad Maurice Benard (Sonny). What happened? Are they OK? Get the answers straight from the actor himself.

It was a busy week in Port Charles as the much-discussed ski trip finally got under way and, in an unexpected turn, Sonny went back on his meds. Still, he and Carly are far from settled, and Dustin had plenty more drama to discuss in this week’s General Hospital Soapbox.

What Went Down Last Week: As Sonny spiraled, Nina was there and helped get him back on his meds. The ski trip went off the rails after Esme slipped Trina a drug. Joss blasted Esme, who — before leaving with Spencer — planted a camera which recorded Cameron and his girlfriend making love for the first time. Victor told Peter the truth about his daughter. Valentin was close to figuring out the truth, so Victor kidnapped his own son!

The Young and the Restless

Sharon, Abby, Chelsea, Rey, Chance Y&R

There’s been trouble in paradise for some time between Sharon and Rey — not to mention Chance and Abby. With both couples struggling, we found ourselves contemplating a shocking twist that could change everything.
  • Courtney Hope’s life has undergone quite a bit of upheaval lately, but Sally’s portrayer has also been making some daily changes designed to refocus her energy.
  • Melissa Ordway learned the hard way to be careful what you let your kids watch when she had to explain to her daughter why she was hugging a “strange man” on TV.
  • Though most folks have been incredibly supportive of “Teriah,” when one fan came for Camryn Grimes on social media, Mariah’s portrayer didn’t hesitate to shut her down.
  • It looks like Bad Adam may be making a return soon. And as Mark Grossman told us, that’s exactly what he wants. (Something tells us Adam’s wanna-be girlfriend, Sally, would be fine with it, too!)

There’s no mincing of words in this week’s The Young and the Restless column as Candace examines the plot points that just don’t make any sense. From the Dominic mess to Adam’s backwards slide into incompetence, she doesn’t hold back

What Went Down This Week: Chance and Abby agreed to share custody with a thrilled Devon. Adam was stunned when Victoria revealed she’d purchased Newman Media. Jack was unhappy when Phyllis revealed her plan to leave for Italy to consider a job offer there. Mariah and Tessa’s engagement left Noah drunk and moping over his ex.

Primetime and More

Violet, Hawkins Chicago Fire

What’s Coming Up…

Now that you’re all caught up on what went down last week, here are a few previews of what’s coming up next!

  • Ruh-roh, things don’t look too good for Bold & Beautiful‘s Brooke now that Douglas has spilled the beans. What Thomas does next — or should we say who he shares the news with — could prove devastating to Ridge’s marriage!
  • Xander is stunned when Gwen says she can’t marry him, but the biggest question is why… and whether Sarah will be able to escape the island! Meanwhile, Chloe urges her dad to come clean with Nancy, but based on this week’s preview, it looks like that was a huge mistake!
  • Does Young & Restless’ Victor have a secret plan? That’s like asking if we like wine! This week’s spoiler video hints at what he’s up to, even as Ashland approaches Nate with a new challenge which the good doctor might be hard-pressed to reject!

Finally, from Erica Kane to Sally Spectra, daytime has given us some of the most unforgettable characters of all time. So we, in turn, are giving you a gallery full of the larger-than-life characters who were unique in every way.