Photo collage of 9-1-1's Maddie and Chimney, Eddie and Buck, and BobbyF
Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

The FOX procedural pays homage to a classic 90s blockbuster.

After a long drought, 9-1-1 returns from their mid-season break on Monday, March 21. When it does, it is sure to remind viewers of a certain 90s blockbuster movie.

Last year, the fall premiere saw Los Angeles’ fictional first responders deal with zoo animals on the loose. This year, the spring premiere focuses on a runaway pickup truck. But not just any truck, a truck that is rigged with a pipe bomb that will detonate if the vehicle slows down under 55 miles an hour.

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Sound familiar? If you’re a Keanu Reeves and Sandra Bullock fan it should, as that was essentially the plot of their 1994 movie, aptly titled, Speed. Except in that movie, it was a bus that Bullock’s character had to keep running over 50 miles an hour through the streets of Los Angeles. All while falling for Reeves’ SWAT officer, who jumped aboard to save the day.

We’re not sure if love will blossom between any victims and firefighters in this instance, but it seems two new members will be joining the 118, when the FOX procedural returns. Dare we hope one of those newbies is Chimney’s brother, and newly minted firefighter, Albert?

In other romance news, viewers can expect Buck, who was all loved up with Taylor before the break, to make an impulsive relationship decision. Considering Buck’s portrayer Oliver Stark previously teased “a huge wrench thrown into their plans for happiness,” it doesn’t exactly sound good for the duo.

The biggest cliffhanger 9-1-1 left fans on in the fall finale was the fate of Eddie. If you’ll recall, he stepped away from the 118, so as not to worry his son about the dangers of his job. Wherever he lands in the spring premiere could give him second thoughts about that decision, as he’ll reportedly have “a rough transition into his new job.”

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And, for those who’ve been waiting for Chimney and Maddie to return after he went searching for the mother of his child, who was in the throes of postpartum depression, it seems they’ll get their wish soon enough. Though, no word on the exact date.

What are you most looking forward to when 9-1-1 returns, to once again pair with 9-1-1: Lone Star on Monday nights? Tell us below and then relive soap operas’ most daring plots in our photo gallery below.

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