Brett, Hawkins, Violet, Gallo Chicago Fire
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The fallout from *this* kiss is going to bring the heat… in more ways than one.

The night of Chicago Fire’s gala brought with it a number of unexpected – and welcome – surprises. Stella’s strategy to help Pelham yielded the desired results as Boden was able to take down Kilbourne, who had it in for the new lieutenant at Firehouse 51, and the troublemaker was dealt with on the spot. After that excitement, Kelly put a ring on it in a swoon-worthy scene with Kidd, and in a move that truly stunned everyone, Capp actually came up with a great band for the “alt-gala” at Molly’s.

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Gallo, of course, texted Violet to let her know that they were staying at Molly’s, as the besotted firefighter was hoping to meet up with his business partner and ex, and perhaps finally come clean about still having feelings for her. Violet, of course, was still at the actual gala. She’d received an invitation due to her recent commendation, courtesy of – who else? – but Chief Hawkins.

With Gallo remaining mum about his feelings for Violet, and forbidden sparks increasingly flying between Hawkins and Violent recently, something had to give – and boy, did it ever…

In a stolen moment at the gala, Hawkins, who had previously warned Violet that they needed to find a stay away from each other, gave in to his burgeoning feelings for her and the pair indulged in a very hot kiss – “someone call the fire department” hot!

Violet, Hawkinds gala kiss Chicago Fire

The shocking “someone call the fire department” hot kiss!

Credit: NBC screenshot

The chemistry between Hawkins and Violet was something they – and viewers for that matter – could no longer deny. But alas, poor Gallo was off enjoying the band at Brett’s “alt-gala” having no idea what was transpiring across town.

While it seems clear that Gallo’s headed for a broken heart, it’s a lot more complicated than that. Given that Violet is Chief Hawkins’ subordinate, there is a great deal on the line for everyone involved in this particular Chicago Fire love triangle.

Should Violet and Hawkins become embroiled in a secret affair, they could be putting their current positions, and even their careers, on the line. Gallo, meanwhile, will be crushed and might even consider asking for a transfer from Firehouse 51 – or act out in a fit of jealousy if he becomes aware of what’s going on.

Might Gallo attempt to get Violet’s superior fired, and in doing so jeopardize her job as well, or even his own? Will Sylvie Brett get involved and go to bat for her partner? That’s a whole lot of complications…

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One thing is certain – the fallout from Hawkins and Violet’s shocking kiss, is definitely going to bring the, er, heat, to Chicago Fire. That said, it’s going to be a bit of a wait for fans to find out what exactly will go down, as Chicago Fire isn’t set to return until after NBC’s Olympic coverage on February 23.

Are you Team Violet and Gallo or Team Violet and Hawkins? How do you think this will play out? Let us know in the comment section after browsing photos of Yellowstone’s best characters, ranked in the gallery below.