Two side by side photos of Chicago Med's Pamela and Crockett
Credit: Elizabeth Sisson/NBC

“We’re on a ticking clock!”

Ever since April and Natalie left Chicago Med, and Ethan and Crockett respectively, the NBC procedural hasn’t had a juicy front burner couple. That could all change after this week’s episode though, as Crockett leaps into action when Pamela’s life hangs in the balance.

In the promo, Crockett witnesses an operating room full of medical staff passing out, including Pamela. Despite being told “opening that door will put everyone at risk,” Crockett is seen barreling through to check on his surgical mentor.

While we’re pretty confident Pamela will survive, we have to wonder what this could all mean in the aftermath. We could be wrong, but Crockett yelling out, “Pamela!,” and only Pamela’s name, when the O.R. goes down, sounds like a lot more than just professional concern.

A relationship between the surgeons could get complicated, considering she’s technically his boss, but, also, Crockett went out with her daughter, Avery, who’s still very much interested in him. While he did recently decline Avery’s attempt to hang out again, he could very well still be interested in her. But even if he is, the real sparks seem to be flying between him and her mother.

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Pamela and Crockett face each other in the hospital on Chicago Med

A relationship between the surgeons wouldn’t totally come out of the blue, as Crockett and Pamela shared a kiss during the Christmas episode. The “vaccinated, consenting adults” agreed it was a one-time thing, but while they’ve been keeping things professional, their onscreen chemistry remains evident — and could be become undeniable in the wake of this week’s events.

Elsewhere in Wednesday’s episode, as previously reported, Dr. Ethan Choi returns, but he’s not back at the hospital, just yet. Instead, he’s still in rehab for injuries sustained after getting shot. Ethan will, however, interact with Dr. Charles, but his storyline this week will largely involve his family.

Ethan wears a t-shirt and coat, as he smiles at Dr. Charles, in a hooded sweatshirt. Chicago Med.

What do you think? Are you hoping for a Crockett/Pamela pairing? Have you missed Ethan? Tell us below and then look through our photo gallery of soap stars’ best relationship advice — which Crockett and Pamela might be able to use.

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