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*This* might be the only way to protect the family unit Kim and Adam have created with Makayla.

Chicago P.D.’s most recent episode kept viewers on hold where Makayla’s story was concerned, but we know it’s coming. Burgess and Ruzek were out of their minds when they realized a man had been visiting the young girl in her schoolyard, only to find out it was her biological uncle, who had been giving her stickers thought the fence.

Kim and Adam’s worst fears were soon confirmed – the uncle in question was filing for custody of Makalya. There’s little doubt that Burgess and Ruzek both have become attached enough to the girl after taking her in that they’ll want to fight and do whatever it takes to make the adoption a reality.

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Show runner, Gwen Sigan told our sister publication, TV Line, “We’ve got some really exciting Burgess/Ruzek episodes coming up.” Of Burgess and Ruzek’s unique “makeshift family”, she further elaborated, “Do they need clear boundaries? Can this family function how they want it to? What does it all mean for Makayla?

Kim and Adam set out some parameters already after he questioned not being on the paperwork to pick up Makayla from school despite her asking him to be the guardian for her adoption. Burgess, though initially reluctant, added him, and they decided to move into a two-bedroom apartment so as to establish Ruzek’s permanence as part of the family picture. Though the on-again, off-again pair is currently not indulging the chemistry between them, what if the threat to their family unit posed by Makayla’s uncle were to force the issue?

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Might Burgess and Ruzek have to take drastic steps to protect what they’ve built with the young girl they both think of as their daughter – such as tying the knot? Certainly, a stable married couple with good jobs would present an appealing option as a permanent home for Makayla from a judge’s point of view.

Given that Sigan hinted that one of the themes of the second half of the season would be “what people are willing to do to protect their ideas of home,” it’s not a stretch in the slightest to believe that Kim and Adam might wed should the idea be suggested to them as a means of keeping Makayla and following through with adopting her.

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Then they’d have to move into the same bedroom to keep up appearances, right?! One thing is certain – whatever happens next with Makayla will be life-changing for Burgess and Ruzek. Watch the promo for Chicago P.D.’s next episode, airing on Wednesday, March 2 on NBC.

Do you think Burgess and Ruzek will follow Upton and Halstead’s example and get married? Let us know in the comment section after browsing photos of soap actors who made it big in primetime in the gallery below.

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