Three photo collage of Jeff, Shauna and Adam on Yellowjackets
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Will we get more answers to the eerie Showtime series in the season finale?

After weeks of slowly doling out information and teasing viewers, Showtime’s Yellowjackets finally delivered at least one concrete answer in Sunday’s insane penultiment episode, Doomcoming. But that just created even more questions about what’s to come for the girls’ soccer team left stranded in the wilderness for nineteen months.

Fair warning, If you aren’t up to date and don’t want to be spoiled, stop reading now!

The Blackmailer Is…

While fan theories on Twitter and Reddit abounded over who the surviving adult Yellowjackets’ blackmailer was, the answer was revealed early on in the hour.

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Yellowjackets' Natalie gives a stern look, while holding a blank postcard with a symbol on it.

After adult Shauna confronted her lover Adam about being the blackmailer, he of course denied it, but then she stumbled upon his reading materials about the soccer team. That only fed into her fears, so she stabbed him — dead! Next, Shauna discovered Adam was telling the truth because the blackmailer was really her husband, Jeff, all so he could save his furniture store. That certainly explains why Shauna never received a creepy symbol postcard demanding $50,000, that her former teammates Natalie, Tai, and Misty did.

Jeff was another obvious suspect in the blackmailing plot, so that wasn’t really a shock. The real surprise was that, well, Adam is now dead, but also that Jeff admitted he read Shauna’s journals years ago about what she endured in the wilderness. We’re not sure what was more endearing: his confirmation that of course he still loved Shauna or the gut punch he took to learning she was cheating on him — “What? There’s no book club?” Honestly, how is this show so creepy, yet so funny?

But also, is that really the end of Adam? Was he just a random guy Shauna literally ran into? Also, how is he not the adult version of Javi?

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Jeff looks shocked. Hair rumpled. Yellowjackets

Homecoming Is a Trip

The rest of Doomcoming centered on the beginning of the teens’ descent into madness. It could be attributed to the full moon, the supernatural vibe of the woods, or unsurprisingly, Misty. Because, of course, the shrooms she intended to slip crush, Coach Ben ended up in everyone’s food during their version of a Homecoming dance.

After the girls (aside from Jackie who refused to eat), enjoyed some harmless tripping, many of them started howling at the moon and turned their animalistic tendencies toward poor teen Travis. The girls were so hungry and so transfixed, they saw him as an animal to devour — in more ways than one. We know there’s an adult Travis, but whew! watching the girls paw at “the stag” and then chase after him to tie him up and try to gut him, was stressful.

Luckily, Natalie, who was out bonding with Coach Ben, swooped in to save him, but not before psychic Lottie put on an antler crown. Leading to the conclusion that she is in fact the Antler Queen we keep seeing in flashes of their eventual cannibalistic rituals. Or could that be a red herring?

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Yellowjackets' Antler Queen sits in front of a fire. Others wearing mesh masks and animals skins surround her.

We Need Answers

So, now that we have some answers, that leads us to wonder what will happen in the season finale. One episode is not enough time to wrap everything up, but revealing the teams’ first victim feels like a great way to end the season while leaving viewers on the edge of their seats. (A second season has already been confirmed.)

An obvious choice for the sacrifice is Coach Ben, who was last seen rejecting Misty, yet again. Remember, Misty is the girl who destroyed the airplane signal that could have saved them already. Plus, she previously drugged him. (“Oh, f—ck. I think Misty poisoned me again.”)

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Young Misty looks off at night in the woods. Ben looks at her, leaning on crutches. Yellowjackets

We want more than anything for Ben to get back to civilization and move to the city with his boyfriend Paul, but Misty killing in the face of rejection isn’t out of the realm of possibility. Also, he’s the only authority figure out there, even if he doesn’t have any real authority. With him gone, it really allows the teens to go even wilder. Not that they need much nudging.

But there’s also that image from the series’ first episode of the girl seemingly dead in that pit. Jackie’s necklace was seen next to her, so she could be the entree of the first feast. Potential Antler Queen Lottie was none too pleased to learn Jackie lost her virginity to Natalie’s man, Travis, after all.

Then, there are the continued questions of what happens to teen Shauna’s baby, what other adult Yellowjackets are still out there, who killed adult Travis, and what evil genius plan adult Misty has to get rid of poor dead Adam’s body. As much as we fear her, we couldn’t help but share in the glee she took in finally being called on to shine.

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Misty smiles, wide-eyed on Yellowjackets

So, what do you think will happen next week in the season one finale of Yellowjackets? Share your wildest theories with us below and then look through our photo gallery of soap stars’ scariest movies.