Kelly, Stella Chicago Fire
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While Kidd’s doubts appeared to be temporary, her fiance’s concerns may now run deeper.

Stella Kidd returned to Chicago Fire with a bang as promised and had some explaining to do not only to Boden, but to fiancé Kelly Severide after she went radio silent while on the road with Girls on Fire.

Kidd told Severide that upon learning the lieutenant position at Firehouse 51 had become available, the pressure to leap on the opportunity and “lock down” her life had thrown her into a panic. She froze, essentially, and not only let the coveted placement she’d worked toward pass her by, but also elected to let Kelly’s messages go unanswered.

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On the surface, Severide seemed to accept her explanation and apology, and life continued on. Stella returned to work, they socialized and had sex… but something had changed. There was a distance between them, figuratively speaking, that there hadn’t been before.

Kelly was clearly jarred by Stella freezing him out. The two had hurdled communication issues in their relationship in the past, so it was obviously a shock to encounter them again, particularly as this time the guilty party was Stella, who had not taken kindly to Kelly shutting her out previously.

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When Kidd finally asked if they were okay, Severide responded by admitting he still had concerns about their future despite her reassurances. He went so far as to ask, “Do you still want to marry me?”

Kelly, Stella Chicago Fire

Will Stella’s mistake cost her Severide?

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It’s clear she still wants to be with him, but does she want to be married? It’s another version of locking down her life, which apparently freaked her out to the extent that she stopped returning his calls. Even if she assures him she does want to wed, ironically, it may be Kelly who backs out now. After all, actions speak louder than words and Kidd’s spoke volumes.

Will the plot twist of Stella having doubts (and her handling of it) ultimately lead to cracks in the relationship that will result in Severide ending the engagement? What if he just can’t get past the hurt her actions caused and refuses to believe she’s ready to commit to a life with him in Chicago? It would be a crushing blow to fans of “Stellaride,” who have wedding bells, happy ever after, and even babies on their minds.

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Thankfully, we won’t have to wait long to hear Kidd’s answer to Severide’s question or to see his response as Chicago Fire returns on Wednesday, January 12. Share your take with us in the comment section after looking back through our wild gallery of Beth’s best burns on Yellowstone below.