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Credit: Paramount Network screenshot

We’re hoping when we ask if you want to review the human tornado’s latest exploits, you’re answer will be the same as hers to the question, “Do you take this man… ?”

Season 4 of Yellowstone only recently ended, and already, we find ourselves craving more, more, more. But, since it’s going to be a while until our burning questions are answered — you can review those here — all we can do while looking forward to Season 5 is look back. Today, Soaps has fixed in its rear-view mirror the indomitable Beth Dutton, played with more layers than a blooming onion by Kelly Reilly.


Above: Beth showed everyone she knew Jamie’s picture to see if they could see the spine she was certain he didn’t possess. They couldn’t see it, either.

Credit: Paramount Network screenshot

The season gone by was a banner one for her character, as she not only made an honest man of longtime true love Rip, she kinda-sorta adopted a son (though hell will freeze over before she lets young Carter call her Mama), upended from within Market Equities’ plans to put an airport on the ranch and got despised brother Jamie exactly where she’s always wanted him: sweating bullets under her thumb.

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Oh, and Jamie, before you even think of turning on the waterworks, Beth has three words for ya, buddy…

Along the way, Beth dropped more one-liners than we could think up if we took a class in hurling zingers. And if you don’t mind a [bleep] here or there, we’ll review the best of them in the below photo gallery. Keep scrolling past Season 4, and we’ll even take you all the way back to some of the early truth bombs and putdowns that made us Beth fanatics from the start.