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Can anyone save Jamie now that Beth “owns” him? 

Anybody else already counting the days until Season 5 of Yellowstone premieres? While there’s no word on when that will be — heck, the show hasn’t even been officially renewed — the  Season 4 finale left us with a whole lot of questions in need of answering.

Granted, this year’s finale wasn’t nearly as dramatic as that of Season 3, in which we were left to wonder if Kayce, John and Beth would survive the attempts on their lives. The latest outing did, however, kill off a pretty major character and set up some incredibly juicy future scenarios.

Before we move on, we should probably issue a spoiler alert here: If you haven’t yet caught the latest episode, you might want to saddle up and ride into the sunset before finding out things you don’t want to know. Once you have, come on back and join our conversation about what went down and, more importantly, what’s coming up next.

One big ol’ teaser the show dropped — and one we’ve been predicting for a while now — was the destruction of Kayce and Monica’s marriage. Frankly, we could have done without the endless scenes involving Kayce’s journey (though it was kinda cool to see his brother, Lee — whom you’ll recall died back in the first episode — swing by for a creepy chat). But when Monica later asked what he’d seen, Beth’s brother sadly replied, “The end of us.”

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Above: We assume in both of Kayce’s visions, his hair remained an unrivaled marvel.

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Unless we’re mistaken, Kayce’s vision also showed him a glimpse of the not-too-distant future. Because the voice of the young woman in his vision sounded a whole lot like that of Avery, leaving us to wonder if maybe he was being visited by a daughter not yet conceived.

Yellowstone four sixes jimmy emily

Above: “Yeah,” says Jimmy’s pose, “I totally had two chicks fighting over me.” Emily’s look, however, responds, “Dude, I’d have fought like that over the last drumstick. I like to fight.”

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Speaking of glimpses into the future, Yellowstone‘s finale also seemed to offer us a glimpse into the upcoming spinoff set at the Four Sixes ranch. While no information has yet been released as to when that show might air, Paramount Network confirmed it was in the works before the mothership’s latest season had even begun. (Fun fact: Taylor Sheridan, who co-created Yellowstone and plays horse trader Travis, actually owns the real-life Four Sixes ranch on which parts of this season were filmed.) It now seems likely that the upcoming series will revolve around, at least in part, Jimmy and his butt-kicking, Mia-punching, tough-talking fiancé, Emily.

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Above: To paraphrase Heathers, Jamie’s midlife angst now has a body count.

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One character whose future looks about as dark as a moonless night on the range is Jamie. As if it being blackmailed by Beth into killing his biological dad wasn’t bad enough, the pictures Jamie’s sis took of him disposing of the body guarantee that, as she put it, “You’re [bleeping] mine now.” Given how hellish she’s managed to make his life up to this point, it’s hard to imagine how much worse things could get. But if there’s one thing we know about Beth, it’s that she’s creative.

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Above: Carter learned the hard way that even Beth’s “soft side” has hard edges.

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Another thing we know about Beth? She’s tough as nails. But we’re going to go out on a limb and predict that when Season 5 rolls around, she’ll relent on her “don’t call me mama” stance with Carter. How can she not? Now that she and Rip are finally married in the eyes of God (and a kidnapped priest), they’ll inevitably adopt the boy, right? Our biggest fear: That it’ll take something awful happening to Carter for Beth to realize she was wrong in keeping him at arm’s length. This show’s dark nature makes it all too easy to picture a drunk Beth shouting “I’m his mama, damnit!” at Carter’s funeral.

So when will new episodes finally gallop their way onto our screens? Well… sounds like it’s going to be a while. As reported by our sister site Deadline, Sheridan is something of a one-man force of nature, especially when it comes to writing. “I don’t do outlines,” he said. “I’ve just sat down and written all the episodes before we started filming. That way everybody knows what we’re doing, all the way through.”

While we not-so-patiently await word on the show’s return, let’s do what we do best: put our heads together and speculate as to what we think will happen to the Dutton clan during Season 5. Then join us in counting down the show’s top 20 characters. Yes, we ranked them, and yes, we’re a little bit nervous about how some of these characters would react to their placement if they were real people!