MASHUP what soap fans want
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Bet you can guess who a whole lot of you wished dead!

If there’s one thing we know, it’s that soap fans will never, ever hesitate to share their opinions. So after sending out a tweet on Christmas Eve asking what viewers hoped to see unfold on their screens in the weeks and months to come, we weren’t at all surprised to receive a flood of responses.

And to be honest, we weren’t necessarily surprised by most of the things which topped your wish lists. After all, many are the same things fans always ask for, including that beloved vets be given storylines and that long-suffering couples get a bit of happiness. There were, however, others which we didn’t necessarily expect, even if perhaps we should have. For example, while the residents of Port Charles seem to have basically forgotten Franco, some General Hospital viewers continue to wish that he could somehow be resurrected.

Along similar lines, while IJM had accepted that Roger Howarth’s Franco is gone, they expressed something we’ve said a few times with regards to his latest alter ego: In a nutshell, so far there’s not much “there” there.

Another popular request among GH viewers was that Holly story — delayed by portrayer Emma Samms’ illness — be picked up as quickly as possible.

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Perhaps not surprisingly, the most common wish among GH viewers — and this will come as a surprise to absolutely no one (aside, possibly from the show’s writers) — is for Peter to finally get what’s coming to him. In other words, y’all have a death wish for Maxie’s former beau. Other popular wishes for this show involved various couples — Trina and Spencer, Anna and Valentin, Brook Lynn and Chase — being honest about their feelings, as well as returns for much-missed characters like Brenda, Jason and Luke.

Over on The Young and The Restless, two couples in particular found themselves in the spotlight: Mariah and Tessa, as well as Sharon and… well, that was up for debate!

YR Tessa mariah fantasy reunion HW

Where Teriah are concerned, it’s not at all surprising to hear that their fans want to see the couple in a storyline which is about… well, them. Rather than see them having a baby for someone else or fretting about the lives of other characters, viewers want a tale that puts them front-and-center. And if it happens to involve them expanding their family, so much the better.

While what Teriah fans hoped for was simple, things got far more complex where Sharon’s love life is concerned. Some wanted her to reunite with Nick…

… while the Sharon/Adam contingent definitely put in a strong appearance as well.

And then there was Jamie, who was ready for something a little… steamier!

As it happens, Jamie wasn’t the only one in the mood for some sexual healing. Purple Rain had pretty much the same “rip their clothes off and go at it” wish for The Bold and the Beautiful‘s Brooke and Deacon.

Brooke, Deacon at AA B&B

The idea of a Brooke/Deacon reunion was popular, although in some cases it seemed less about the heat generated by the pairing than how much it would tick off Ridge. (Seems his behavior of late has put him atop a few naughty lists!) Interestingly, several hoped that once Hope’s parents reconnected, a familiar face from the past would return to make things really interesting!

Finally, the Days of Our Lives contingent made it pretty clear that what they really, really want is for Xander to track down and reunite with his one true love. (Er, Gwen? Sorry, but they aren’t talking about you!)

If there was one think that disappointed us about the Sarah/Xander crowd’s tweets, it was their complete and total lack of shirtless Xander. (Don’t you know that in order for wishes to come true, you have to provide a little incentive to the wishmaster?) Another Salem couple who found themselves getting a lot of love was Chad and Abigail. In their case, much like with Young & Restless‘ Teriah, people wanted to see a story that was about Chabby, not everybody else in their orbit.

Despite Philip having gone completely around the bend, those who still think he and Chloe deserve a chance at the happiness which has eluded them since high school chimed in.

This is, of course, just a small portion of the many responses we received. To view them all, simply go to Twitter and search for the hashtag #MySoapyXmasWish. You’ll be able to see everything your fellow fans wished for… and who knows, maybe some of those will actually come to pass! Want to add something to our list of hopes for the (soapy) future? Share it in the comments below! Then check out the gallery below in which we rank the all-time wildest, craziest stories… some of which we loved, and some of which (in keeping with the theme) we simply wished would end!