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What do we want for Christmas? Answers to these burning questions!

If you’re anything like us — and we know you are! — there are times that you can’t help talking to the television while watching. Whether we’re tuned in to one of our daytime soaps or primetime favorites, we often mutter as if the people on the screen will hear us and respond. But lately, we’ve taken to gathering some of those thoughts and sharing them with you. Peruse the thoughts we had while watching TV this week, then hit the comments section with any imponderables you found yourself pondering!

• What was more surprising — that Ben and Ciara’s mail piled up after they were gone for, like, a day… or that the Days of Our Lives pair subscribe to the newspaper? Wouldn’t you expect a hip young couple like them to get their news digitally?

days ben ciara mail screenshot

Above: Here’s hoping our Christmas card is in that pile!

Credit: NBC screenshot

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• Why did it take Taylor returning to The Bold and the Beautiful for people to think, “Huh… maybe Thomas should be raising his son instead of letting Liam and Hope do it!

• Can we all agree that, despite the General Hospital canvas being in desperate need of some serious pruning, we kinda want to keep Brad’s Aunt Selina, as played by the awesome Lydia Look?

• What was up with that ridiculous “disguise” The Young and the Restless‘ Sally donned to follow Billy and Lily around? She definitely could have learned a thing or two from the original Sally Spectra, who snuck into more places than her great-niece will ever be invited.

Chloe confronts Sally at Society Y&R

Above:“Oh, this old thing? Just something I had in my closet… “

Credit: CBS screenshot

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• Was Kate the only one truly surprised by Yelena’s revelation at the end of this week’s Hawkeye? Also, can we be invited to their next mac-and-cheese girls night?

• If the devil was so determined to corrupt the offspring of Days’ Ben and CIara, why not possess Hope’s daughter instead of Marlena?

• Is the Red Cross’ babysitting course really so thorough that Yellowjacket’s teen Misty was not only able to basically set up triage immediately after the plane crash but able to cauterize a limb after chopping off a leg? Also, did adult Misty put the creepy wilderness symbol together a little too easily after spotting random marks in separate photos?

Yellowjackets questions

Above: Yellowjackets’ Misty was able to do some DaVinci Code-level decoding.

Credit: Showtime screenshot

• Why does Young & Restless‘ Chance never take off his coat? Should they turn up the heat in the Chancellor mansion? Along those same lines…

• … why did General Hospital‘s Brook Lynn not take off her blazer in the steam room? We’re not saying she had to strip down to a towel like Chase, but surely she could have at least unbuttoned a few buttons!

• Has anyone told Bold & Beautiful‘s Quinn that Deacon — the guy who went to jail for trying to shoot her after she pushed him off a cliff — is back in town Meanwhile, if the roles were reversed, wouldn’t the way Sheila constantly hits on Deacon be considered sexual harassment?

bold deacon quinn door HW

Above: “I was driving past when the Culture Club song ‘I’ll Tumble 4 Ya’ came on the radio, and I couldn’t help but think of you!”

Credit: Howard Wise/JPI

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• How cool was it to hear General Hospital‘s Alexis and Harmony admit that because they’d been released from prison early, they didn’t feel as if their redemption had been earned?

• Of all the full-frontal shots Yellowstone could’ve given us, did they have to go with… the horse?

yellowstone jimmy horse

Above: “Hump day” took on a whole new meaning for Yellowstone‘s Jimmy.

• Why did no one think to question the staff at Days’ Brady Pub about those six shots of whiskey that Brady supposedly downed before attacking Philip? And how did Philip use a credit card belonging to Brady at a bar they’re both well known at without anyone noticing?

• Shouldn’t General Hospital‘s Marshall had some sort of answer prepared for the inevitable questions about why he faked his death and where he’s been? Instead, he practically rolls his eyes as if he’s offended that Curtis would even ask!

Now that we’ve shared some of our deepest (and, where General Hospital‘s Chase and his towel are concerned, shallowest) thoughts, it’s your turn. After unburdening yourself of questions you’ve been carrying around, check out the gallery below in which we look back at some wild plots that definitely left us scratching our heads!