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Is the show building toward its most shocking death yet?

If there’s one thing Yellowstone taught us early on, it’s that anything can happen and everyone is expendable. After all, John Dutton’s first-born son, Lee — whom we assumed would be a major player — didn’t even survive the two-hour pilot! Since then, we’ve learned to go into every episode braced for something awful to happen… and rarely have we been disappointed!

So far, Lee’s been the only member of the Dutton family to bite the bullet (assuming we don’t count characters who died in flashbacks to past events). But we have a sneaking suspicion that could all change thanks to events that were set in motion when John knocked the wind out of son Jamie’s sails by announcing his own candidacy for governor. Worse, John gave his son absolutely no warning, leaving him to stand there with egg on his face even as his chiseled jaw hit the floor.

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Above: Beth took no small pleasure in Jamie’s latest humiliation. Instead, she took a really, really big pleasure in it.

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In doing so, however, John no doubt propelled the troubled young man he raised as his own straight into the open arms of his scheming biological father, Garrett. Last week, it was confirmed that the baddie was responsible for the attacks which nearly saw Kayce, Beth and John murdered. And with only three episodes left until the season finale, the war between Jamie’s two fathers is about to heat up.

“You know where all the bodies are buried,” Garrett suggests to Jamie in the latest preview (which you can watch below), no doubt urging him to use what he knows to destroy John once and for all. But the Dutton patriarch now knows exactly who he’s dealing with, and he is not one to allow enemies to walk away unscathed.

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“We don’t kill sheep,” he can be heard warning, “we kill wolves.” And if ever there were an apt description for Garrett, it is a wolf who can’t even be bothered to try and hide his nature by donning sheep’s clothing.

This being Yellowstone, it is inevitable that the battle brewing between these men will lead to fatal consequences. But could Jamie unintentionally wind up getting caught in the literal crossfire between his dueling daddies? While it would be darn near impossible to consider Beth’s sorta-sibling rival an “innocent party,” even she might shed a tear were Jamie to pay the ultimate price for a feud set in motion before he was even old enough to hatch his first ill-conceived scheme.

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Perhaps a clue as to what’s coming can be found in the episode’s title, “No Kindness For The Coward.” Certainly Beth has used that particular c-word to describe Jamie time and again over the past three seasons. But would even Yellowstone — with it’s dueling penchants for violence and shocks — go so far as to do away with Jamie so soon after reuniting him with ex-girlfriend Christina and their young son?

What do you think, cowboys and buckle bunnies… is Jamie headed for the great rodeo in the sky by season’s end? Share your thoughts on what’s coming next in the comments below, then find out where Jamie ranks on our list of Yellowstone‘s 20 best characters of all time. (We have a sneaking suspicion you know who claimed the top spot!)