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With Garrett still gunning for the Duttons, the next incident could doom one relationship and open the door for another.

In a classic ‘calm before the storm’ moment on the most recent episode of Yellowstone, Kayce moved his family off the ranch — much to Monica’s relief — and they found the perfect home… complete with a dog for Tate. This was all so picture perfect in fact, that for a Dutton family member, it can only mean something is about to go very wrong…

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Monica and Kayce have been through it as a couple already, what with break-ups, make-ups, Tate being kidnapped, and most recently, Kayce being shot and nearly killed, and Tate’s breakdown after killing the man attacking his mother. Lashing out at her husband for moving them into the Dutton ranch, which made them targets for danger, Monica actually told Kayce, “I hate you,” in the emotional aftermath. That’s gotta hurt… and stay with you.

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Proving that there’s a fine line between love and hate, the marriage didn’t end there, and Kayce redeemed himself in her eyes by finding them a new home to call their own. That said, they no sooner got moved in when a new twist on conflict reared its ugly head. Namely, a little green monster.

Rainwater showed up asking Kayce to help with an investigation into some horses that had been stolen, and they visited the owner’s home to get more information. Who should emerge, but Avery, the Dutton’s former ranch hand who left without explanation after sharing some chemistry-laden scenes with not only Kayce, but Jimmy as well.
Avery look Kayce Yellowstone

Avery and Kayce’s interaction bordered on flirtatious, which was not lost on Monica — or even Tate — who hilariously branded her a “hot tamale”. Cut to Kayce and Monica in bed in their new home, and this is still on wifey’s mind. Although teasingly this time, she once again told Kayce, “I hate you.” Kayce, of course, gave his wife some Dutton-style lovin’ to reassure her that she is the only woman for him, but as we all know, nothing happens without a reason, so fans were left wondering what the reappearance of Avery might mean for Kayce’s marriage down the road.
Monica, Kayce bed Yellowstone

It’s not as though moving off the ranch will actually remove Kayce’s family from the line of fire, and with Garrett making no secret of the fact that he will continue to go after the Duttons, an incident at their new digs would almost certainly have Monica packing her bags — or packing Kayce’s for him — thus opening the door for an Avery/Kayce hook-up and a marital split.

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Do you think Avery’s reappearance signals that Kayce and Monica are headed for another break-up on Yellowstone? Are you expecting something bad to happen at their new home? Let us know in the comment section and be sure to check out photos of Yellowstone’s best characters, ranked, in the gallery below.