We know how fun it is to share one of your favorite passions with someone who has the same interest, so how fun would it be to chat with other soap fans during the live airings of your favorite soaps?

Knowing how many of our readers are on our various message boards, discussing what they are most looking forward to for each day’s episode, Soaps.com wanted to help you take the next step to connecting with other soap fans.

Every day, at the beginning of each soap, our writers will be, and recently starting doing this, opening a new ‘Live’ thread for fans to chat about storyline developments – as they’re happening – in each soap opera message board! This venue is also a great way for those who can’t watch their soaps during the regular airing times but just can’t wait to view the DVR’d episode later. Simply follow the link to all the soap operas Message Boards and choose the one you want to take part in, depending on when your favorite soap airs – from there, it’s nothing but fun!

Soaps.com hopes those interested will take part in the daily live episode threads, and if you have a friend who would benefit from them, please be sure to pass along the fun to them as well!