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Grey Sloan friends flirt with becoming lovers… which has some fans coming in *hot*.

Thanksgiving held many surprises on Grey’s Anatomy — one being that we didn’t get to see Maggie. Everyone’s been asking when Meredith’s sister will return, and we’re happy to report that she’s back in the new promo enjoying a very sexy reunion with hubby, Winston.

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Another Thanksgiving surprise — okay, we’re lying, we totally saw it coming — was Meredith and Nick having sex. These two have chemistry to spare and what’s more delicious than being “stranded” together in a snowstorm? The holiday twist of Nick showing up at her door was a boss move, and Mer clearly couldn’t resist him after that.

In the next episode, however, there’s set to be some friction between Meredith and Nick not of the good variety when Grey has to kick her lover out of the OR during an operation on his childhood best friend. We’re sure when all is said and done he’ll understand but, yike!

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Last week we also got a holiday hook-up between Link and Amelia, which both gave viewers hope while also taking it away, as Shepherd made it clear that nothing had changed with her stance on marriage. As viewers know, she also has a “vibe” with newcomer, Kai, in Minnesota.

Meanwhile, Link has been staying with his bestie Jo as each of them grapple with single-parenthood. Jo has said she sees Link as a brother, but he’s about to take her completely off guard by admitting that he had a crush on her… and we all know that means that Grey’s Anatomy is considering taking these two out of the friendzone. See for yourself in the teaser video.

We don’t hate the idea of Link, Jo, Scout and Luna making a cute little family, especially if Amelia is going to continue to be a hold out, but initial fan response to the promo was not favorable with regard to a possible Link and Jo pairing. Rebecca Sims posted, “No no no! Can we just have one friendship with a guy and a girl that does not turn into a romantic one?” Deobra Glover agreed and pled, “Don’t make Jo and Link a thing. It was already a big reach with Jackson. Please no.”

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That said, there were some viewers in favor of a romantic development, such as Jennifer Preston, who questioned, “Am I the only one who wants Link and Jo to be together? I mean they share the same ideals and are such good friends. Some of the best relationships stem from friendship.” It’s true!

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Whether showrunner Krista Vernoff is really going there or not is something we’ll have to wait to find out — three weeks, in fact, as Grey’s Anatomy won’t return with a new episode until December 8.

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Where do you stand on Link and Jo getting together? What are you most excited for in the next episode? Feel free to share your take with us in the comment section after browsing Steffy and Finn’s romance in the photo gallery below.

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