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Breaking down *that* insane scene in the store. Plus, will Kayce get answers? Watch the new promo.

As Yellowstone’s John Dutton works to get to the bottom of the attack on his family after the meeting with Rainwater revealed new information, Beth has her own take on the matter. This she made very clear to her brother Jamie when she paid him a visit at his office to put him on notice.

Beth’s portrayer, Kelly Reilly, confirmed to TV Insider that her alter-ego “does believe that Jamie is part of this somehow.” That doesn’t bode well for the lawyer, whose very life is on the line.

Beth threaten kill Jamie Yellowstone

Above: “I’m gonna kill you Jamie.”

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Reilly previewed that the situation between Beth and Jamie “gets intense” and that she’ll be “like a dog with a bone,” which should come as no surprise to anyone who’s been paying attention.

Of course, Rip is Beth’s rock, but even their relationship will be tested in the face of the all-consuming need for vengeance that grips her. Reilly explained, “There’s a question of whether or not Beth is gonna go off the deep end. And is she gonna put him first or is she going to put her own need for revenge first?”

Rip, Beth bed Yellowstone

Above: Rip’s about to have his hands full with Beth.

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Saying Beth is easily triggered would be an understatement, but she’s been extra edgy in the wake of the explosion that left her bloodied and burned, and the ambushes that left her father and brother hospitalized. On an outing with Carter, whom she had taken to buy clothing, Beth snapped when Rip’s cautionary note about treating the boy like a “pet” proved to be more true than she’d have liked.

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When the kid got greedy and asked for more than she was offering, she got frustrated — and rough — with him, which drew the attention of an onlooker who loudly called her out for “child abuse.” We’re not sure if this woman had been living under a rock, but it’s hard to believe that everyone in the state of Montana doesn’t know to steer well clear of Beth Dutton. One would think her reputation would definitely proceed her given that she can be meaner than that rattlesnake Rip tossed on Roarke!

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Clearly, this particular woman had never heard of Dutton or her penchant for violence because she whipped out a phone to record what was happening and challenged Beth, who walked over, got in her face, snatched the phone and stomped it into oblivion. After some back and forth, Beth then snarled at the woman of Carter, “He’s all yours,” and stormed out, taking at least one display down as she went.

While Beth attacking Jamie or someone who is a threat to the family is one thing, some thought she finally went too far with her kinda insane reaction to the woman, who genuinely thought she was intervening to help a child.

On the other hand, we’ve all had enough of “Karens” and their phones, and at this point we’ve just accepted that confronting Beth is a bad idea on a good day. Unfortunately for her, this woman was pushing all of Beth’s buttons without even realizing it — especially by calling out her lack of mothering skills; a very sore spot indeed considering her history and the fact that she can’t bear children.

Don’t miss the preview for Yellowstone’s fourth episode of season four as Kayce seeks answers from Jamie and Beth matches wits with the woman who poses the latest threat to the Dutton’s way of life.

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Do you think Beth finally went too far with the woman in the store? Do you think Jamie is involved with the attacks on the Dutton family? Feel free to share your take with us in the comment section after reliving the all-time best Beth burns in the photo gallery below.

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