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Questions, we’ve got questions… especially with regard to what went down on our favorite daytime and primetime shows the week of November 19!

If you’ve ever been watching television and thought, “Wait, why in the world did that just happen?” then you, my friend, have come to the right place. Because that’s all we do in this new weekly column… and since we sort of hate talking to ourselves, having you hear means it’s an actual conversation. And who knows, maybe you’ll know the answer to one or more of our burning questions. If so, hit the comments to share… and if not, feel free to post your own questions! Ready? Here we go…

• What do we have to do to convince General Hospital to kill Peter? #AskingForAWholeLotOfFriends

• How did none of the wedding guests attending Abe and Paulina’s nuptials on Days of Our Lives notice when the officiant’s eyes suddenly started glowing… especially given that she was standing right at the heart of the unfolding drama? Meanwhile, is anyone out there having more fun than Deidre Hall right now? (And yes, that’s a rhetorical question.)

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• Did Young & Restless actually manage to make you feel sorry for Billy when he did what he believed to be the right thing only to have Lily rip him a new one for resigning?

• Does anybody really believe that Yellowstone‘s Mia, who threatened to walk out on Jimmy if he quit rodeoing, sat by Jimmy’s side as he went through two months of excruciating therapy?

• Why did Bold & Beautiful‘s Sheila tell Finn she had no clue who his dad was, then push Jack to out himself… and reveal her lie in the process?

• Are you hoping that Season 3 of The Morning Show does a time jump so we can just be done with the COVID-based storyline?

• Awesome as photographer Joel Sartore and his Ark Project are, why would General Hospital do a completely drama-free ad (which you can watch below) around his appearance?

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• After everything she and everyone else went through when Young & Restless‘ Mariah disappeared, why on earth would Abby take off for parts unknown and then go radio silent as her loved ones freaked out?

• With all the talk about Sarah, the Days of Our Lives heroine and portrayer Linsey Godfrey have to be returning soon, right?

• Was anyone really surprised that General Hospital‘s Marshall turned out to be Curtis’ not-as-dead-as-rumored dad?

• Did anyone else forget that The Resident’s Billie and Trevor were estranged mother and son when they bumped into each other at the coffee cart — and immediately start shipping them based on their wildly inappropriate chemistry?

• What was up with the infuriating, could-have-been-avoided explosion on this week’s 9-1-1? Between the hospital staff not cleaning up the chemical spill right next to those oxygen tanks and the nurse somehow not feeling/seeing/hearing the spark-casting keys she kept slamming the door into, the whole thing came off as borderline ridiculous.

911 explosion burning quesitons

• Wasn’t it just a few weeks ago that Bold & Beautiful‘s Zende wanted to take things slow with Paris, with whom he’s now rushing to get engaged?

• Was it just plain weird to have both Eileen Davidson and Stacy Haiduk both playing Days of Our Lives‘ Kristen at the same time?

• When it comes to Season 2 of Netflix’ Tiger King, do you find yourself thinking, “Nah, I’m good, thanks.”

• Why is Young & Restless’ Sharon showing up to work at Crimson Lights in silver lamé outfits? Is she just making sure she looks her best in case Adam swings by for a caffeine fix?

Sharon surprised Rey Y&R

• Shouldn’t someone from Station 19 other than Ben have gone to deal with Ingrid, whose interest in the married man was clear long before things got awkward at the firehouse.

• When Our Kind of People‘s Teddy started chatting with his brother on that strip of sand, did you immediately know this was a Limbo Beach situation thanks to spending all of last season there on Grey’s Anatomy?

• Doesn’t it seem like ages since Bold & Beautiful gave us one of those fun, splashy fashion shows for which they were once so well known?

• Cute as General Hospital‘s Brando and Sasha are, shouldn’t they have an actual story if they’re going to stick around?

• Did Grey’s Anatomy‘s Nick get even sexier when he told Meredith that his mountain cabin had no dead animals mounted on the walls?

Now that you’ve read our thoughts on the past week’s shows, let’s hear what plot twists left you scratching your head. What shows are you watching that we really need to check out? Which ones are you watching that you’re just about ready to give up on? Hit the comments section with your thoughts, then check out the gallery below in which some of our favorite stars from around the daytime dial share the secrets to their successful relationships!